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The Big Landlord 72.2

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Chapter 72.2 – Interrogation

At this time, Shao Fei couldn’t help but speak up again, “Wang fei, I think that wife of Zhou Laohan’s is really something. I can’t describe it, but if she opens up a little shop to sell her rice noodles, she will definitely be popular all throughout Da Ya. En. Even outside of Da Ya, it won’t be a problem.”
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An Zi Ran paused in his actions, and then he said calmly, “They don’t have capital.”

Shao Fei choked on his saliva.

What a realistic answer, but it was the reality!

After a paused, An Zi Ran added another sentence. “But your idea is not entirely improbable.”

Shao Fei’s eyes brightened again. Ever since he was young, he did not lack for food and clothing, so he did not know what life was like for the poor. But since he came to An Yuan County, he could see it almost everywhere. Later, thanks to the grace of the An family, those people were able to reveal smiles of satisfaction, so his mood also improved.

However, he did not know that when An Zi Ran ate the rice noodles, his mind suddenly concocted an unplanned idea.

Subsequently, the four men silently finished eating the plate of rice noodles the pot of soup.

An Zi Ran had the smallest appetite. He was still trying to lose weight, but this time he ate three bowls of rice noodles and drank a bowl of soup.

As they left the dining hall, Fu Wu Tian looked over at An Zi Ran, who was holding onto his belly, and said, “Wang fei, seems like these rice noodles have a very captivating taste. Do you want to continue eating it everyday?”

An Zi Ran glanced at him. “If you won’t get sick of it, you can eat it everyday, but I won’t accompany you.” No matter how delicious something was if you eat it everyday you would eventually get tired of it. Then you wouldn’t want to see that dish on the dining table for a long, long time.

The two separated in the corridor.

Fu Wu Tian was getting ready to return to the bedroom to wash up, so he asked his wang fei if he wanted to go with him, but he was only spared a glance.

An Zi Ran went to the study. He decided to strike while the iron was hot and wrote up a plan to open a rice noodle shop. Because this was originally not a part of his plan, he decided to put Zhou Laohan’s wife in charge, just like franchises in modern times. Opening up a rice noodle shop wouldn’t cost a lot of money for him. After the shop was built, he would let go and have the couple run the place.

The plan was not difficult. It only took him half an hour to draft it.

Knock knock.

A knock sounded on the door.

At first, he thought that it was Fu Wu Tian. But in the next second he remembered that Fu Wu Tian never knocked on the door. Such a polite person. Could it be that Steward Su had returned?

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open and it emitted a squeak. The person who entered did not speak. It was a little strange. An Zi Ran looked up and when he saw the person he frowned.

“What did you come here for?”

Zheng Bi stood at the doorway and did not come in further. When she saw him looking over, she put on an obsequious look, but it had no effect on him. “Can I come in?”

An Zi Ran stared at her as if to discern what she might be hiding up her sleeve.

Zheng Bi said, “I know what I did before really let down the An family, I am sorry. I really regret it. Zi Ran, you’re a great person and you’re very magnanimous, so don’t bicker with your third mother over this. Third Mother promises, I will definitely not do the same thing again in the future. Third Mother is not asking for your forgiveness, I only hope that you can give me a chance to turn over a new leaf.”

“Speak your true purpose.” An Zi Ran did not intend to talk nonsense with her.

Zheng Bi heard him say this and straightforwardly said, “When are you preparing to return to Jun Zi City?”

An Zi Ran said, “Afraid that I will take you with me?”

Zheng Bi was stunned by him. “It’s not… Third Mother is only worried about your younger sister, Ke Xin. You also know that she doesn’t have a good temper and she doesn’t really like the Lin family’s gong zi. I’m afraid that she will do something stupid, so I want to stay in An Yuan County. If something comes up, I can take care of it.”

This was a really good move. She kept her true motive hidden.

“I can let you stay in An Yuan County, but there is a question that you have to answer me truthfully. If I find that you are lying, I will ensure that your wish fails,” An Zi Ran said.

“What question?” Zheng Bi did not expect him to speak, so she hurriedly asked.

An Zi Ran stared her in the eyes and spoke slowly, “The afternoon before the first day of the New Year, where were you and your daughter. Did you go to the main courtyard?”

Zheng Bi was stumped. Her reaction was a little slow. Five months have already passed after all. But she reacted as quickly as possible. On the first day of the New Year was when news of the master and the first wife’s death came back to the house. On that day, the entire family was in a mess.

“Why are you asking about that day?”

“You only have to answer my question.”

Zheng Bi saw that he was serious. She thought about it and then replied; “I heard that the master and the first wife died unexpectedly that day, so I called Ke Xin back to the room. We didn’t come out until it was almost five p.m. We went to the main courtyard once. But at that time we heard that you fainted in the snow…”

Speaking of this, Zheng Bi’s voice stopped short.

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  1. They didn’t go to the courtyard? More like they went just to kill Ziran, I bet. Ugh.

    I’m glad that couple could open up a little restaurant. That’s a great idea.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Actually, I slightly remember something about the youngest concubine being involved with AZR’s murder.
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      1. I remember her say: “If she know AZR will turn out in the end so smart, then it will have been better if she have…”

        In her monologue she though it was a shame the master die before she have a child and now she have no choice but to depend on AZR.
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        The other two concubines are also a suspect but a doubt it a little…i inclined a bit toward to the uncle instead.

  2. Huh, so it seems that the culprits probably weren’t Zheng Bi and Ke Xin. Not surprising since they are very…straightforward. It’s probably the other concubine, the one whose name I can’t remember but who is the best at planning in the dark.

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