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The Big Landlord 73.2

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Chapter 73.2 – Interrogation and Fervor

An Zi Ran’s expression did not change. “Because I really don’t remember.”

“Why is that?”

“Maybe I was too overwhelmed at the time.”

“Just this reason?”

“Otherwise, what else?”

Surprisingly, Fu Wu Tian changed the topic. “Wang fei, business is done for the day. It’s time to return to the room to rest right? I already had the servants prepare hot water for you. If you don’t go now the water will get cold.”
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An Zi Ran put away the things on the table. He gave Fu Wu Tian a look and did not say anything. Since he already had the water prepared, why bother to ask? Furthermore, on that day, Fu Wu Tian killed Jiang Zhong Ting and his subordinate in such a cruel and ruthless way, yet in the following days when they were together An Zi Ran did not detect a hint of shadow in the other man.

The two returned to the bedroom.

An Zi Ran went to the folding screen and saw a large bucket of hot water. The temperature was moderate and his clothes were already hung on the screen.

“Do you need this prince to help?” Fu Wu Tian came over.

“No need.”

An Zi Ran firmly refused. He was not some three-year-old child.

The shifting sounds of fabric transmitted from behind the screen as he undressed. The slender figure of the youth could be seen reflected on the screen, a wispy and suggestive silhouette on the screen. It was definitely a picture of seducing people to commit crime.

Wang fei, you really don’t need help?” Fu Wu Tian asked, unwilling to give up.

An Zi Ran’s voice came out from behind the screen. “No need! You can sleep first.”

Of course, Fu Wu Tian did not go to sleep as he wished. He waited until An Zi Ran was done bathing and came out from behind the screen. His position did not change. He had been sitting there appreciating the image of An Zi Ran washing up.

An Zi Ran only wore a single robe and a pair of trousers. His long hair was dripping wet down his back. As a man who has lived some twenty more years in the twenty-first century, he was not used to having long hair. It was like a punishment* every time he finished washing it.

[*T/N: He used the word 凌迟 which means “lingering death” or “death by a thousand cuts, which is an old form of capital punishment”]

The towel in his hand was suddenly taken away.

An Zi Ran glanced at Fu Wu Tian and said very naturally, “Help me wipe my hair.”

Fu Wu Tian originally had this intention, but when he heard this kind of monotone order, his face revealed a faint smile. He reached out and pulled An Zi Ran in front of him, and then he placed the towel on the youth’s head. The water droplets along the hairline were absorbed by the towel.

The strength he used wasn’t too great. It was just right. But his method of drying hair was not so good.

An Zi Ran knew that his hair must be a mess right now. He began to wonder if it was the wrong decision to get Fu Wu Tian to help.

At this moment, Fu Wu Tian suddenly hugged his waist and rested his chin on the youth’s shoulder. His voice rang out right beside his ear. “Wang fei, let’s do it.”

A topic out of the blue…

An Zi Ran calmly took back the towel in his hand. He wiped his hair until it no longer dripped, and then said, “Okay…”

Fu Wu Tian was faintly startled.

Then he heard the youth continue to speak, “As long as you’re willing to lie down and let me be on top, I am not against it.”

The person behind him abruptly became dead quiet.

An Zi Ran tossed the towel on a nearby dressing table, turned around, and looked at Fu Wu Tian. The corner of his mouth quirked up. “How about it?”

Fu Wu Tian’s eyes were brighter than the stars in the night sky, but deep like a black whirlpool, greatly attracting people to stare at him.

Under the illumination of the candlelight, An Zi Ran saw a huge smile crack across Fu Wu Tian’s lips. He looked excited to the extreme. There seemed to be a stimulant mixed into the air. A tremble crept across his skin, making him frown.

Just when he wanted to take the initiative to break this strange atmosphere, a hand grabbed onto his collar. There was a forceful push and their position was reversed. An Zi Ran fell atop the soft quilt. He had just pushed himself half upright when his mouth was blocked and he was pressed back onto the bed.

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“You can’t deny that we are a good fit for each other,” Fu Wu Tian said.

“It’s not difficult to be loyal to a man’s desire,” An Zi Ran responded.

The alluring sound of Fu Wu Tian’s voice slowly sounded in his ear. The man’s body was like a huge mountain. It was shocking, but it was undeniable that it exuded a sense of security. In his last life he had been wandering alone for so long, he never thought that one day he would find a sense of security from another man.

This was the first time!

And Fu Wu Tian was indeed very attractive.

At this moment, An Zi Ran had to admit that he was a little moved.

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T/N: There will be more meat in the next chapter. Look forward to it~

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