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The Big Landlord 74.1

Translator’s Note 7/14/20: I’m trying to see if I’ll get flagged for putting up the NSFW content in Chinese. If I do, then I’ll take it down. But if I don’t get flagged, I’ll leave it up, and maybe readers who are having trouble with the password can MTL the NSFW part? Just copy the URL, plug it into your translator of choice, and select from Chinese to English.

Translator’s Note 7/27/20: I got flagged today. ? Sorry, but I have to take down the Chinese raws for this chapter now…

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Chapter 74.1 – Different from Ordinary People

The moonlight shines in through the paper of the window, bringing a faint light to the interior of the room. It shone on the slightly swaying bed curtains not far away.
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35 thoughts on “The Big Landlord 74.1

  1. I just got back to reading this novel’s updates but the password didn’t work. ? Is there something I can do? I triple checked that I put the right password and cleared cache already.

  2. Phew~ It’s getting hot in here ~

    Never thought Fu Wu Tian will really force him to resign himself to be the bottom !

  3. This chapter also isn’t accessible, unfortunately. Still the same problem even across different browsers and settings. 🙁 Can someone just tell me what happened? Did they do the do?

  4. I asked someone about this recurring problem and apprently changing the password will hep resolve this issue? Hope this helps.

    1. Okay, I’ll change the password to something random, and then change it back to the original password. I hope that works for you. I honestly don’t know what’s going on because it works fine on my laptop no matter which browser I’m using. Though to be honest, this free website template I got from wordpress is not the best, but I’m broke and it’s free so I keep using it. >_<

  5. I’m gonna cry now……
    ? it’s sad leaving all the beautiful parts behind. And where’s the link below??

    Though thanks to the translator for ur hard work.. Fighting!

  6. I think its best to translate them and then put it into image maybe that will bypass since they can’t scan images? or just put it into a sharing platform to download the nsfw to read standalone. I think its better to create pdf/epubs once you reach a certain amount with the added nfsw so to prevent this

  7. I already skip 3 nsf scene because the password don’t work. I don’t want to skip this one please someone help. I type the password, copy it but didn’t work. TBL74

    1. It seems that poor me doesn’t have the fate of reading any hot stuff yet! ?
      Hope it works next time (I’ll try after few days , but I’ll still continue reading for now testing the water now and then ?)
      Fingers crossed ??

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