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The Big Landlord 74.2

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Chapter 74.2 – Different from Ordinary People

Fu Wu Tian, who had recovered his strength, got out of bed, put on his clothes, and walked out of the room. When he came back, he had a large bucket of hot water. He carried it on his shoulder. His great strength was evident.
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An Zi Ran heard the sound of water and was a little surprised.

After tossing him for so long, there was still strength? However, thinking that they only did it once tonight, he was relieved. Fu Wu Tian was a man in his prime. He was strong and energetic, plus he was a martial artist, so his endurance was higher than regular people.

The bed curtains were parted and a cool breeze came in.

An Zi Ran frowned and was about to pull the blanket over his body. In the next second he was picked up and hugged. He was shocked. “Let me down. I will go myself.”

Fu Wu Tian said seriously, “There are no outsiders right now. You don’t have to worry about being seen.”

This was not a matter of whether there were outsiders or not!

An Zi Ran calmed his features.

Fu Wu Tian had already taken him over to the tub of water. It was only a few dozen paces away, so along with the man’s relatively long strides, the distance was reduced to but a few steps. To resist anymore would be pointless.

The tub was only big enough for one person. Fu Wu Tian put him in the water.

The hot water warmed his body and drove away some of the fatigue. An Zi Ran let out a comfortable sigh. Fu Wu Tian scooped up some water and poured it across his shoulders. An Zi Ran turned his head and said, “I’ll wash myself, you just clean up yourself.”

“Is wang fei inviting this prince to wash up together?”

An Zi Ran immediately shut up.

Once the two of them calmed down, the only sound left in the room was the sound of water.
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After washing off his limbs, An Zi Ran wanted to clean out the thing that Fu Wu Tian shot into his body, but… he looked at Fu Wu Tian who was still staring at him. If he told him to leave, he might not go. An Zi Ran lowered his eyes and said, “I have a question I want to ask you.”

“What question?” Fu Wu Tian continued to pour water over An Zi Ran’s body with his hands.

“Do you still remember our agreement from before our marriage?”

Fu Wu Tian stilled. “Oh… there was such a thing?”

An Zi Ran: “…”

After seeing his rogue move, he discovered that he could still take it to the next level. He should have guessed that Fu Wu Tian’s behavior towards him wasn’t someone who was preparing to let him leave. He actually cheated from the beginning. He was pretending to agree to his conditions, but he never put it in his heart at all!


Why did he choose him? He still couldn’t understand this question.

An Yu Zhi fled marriage. That should’ve been a good excuse for Fu Wu Tian to refuse to fulfill the marriage contract between the two families. This way, he wouldn’t have to marry a woman he didn’t love for the sake of his predecessor’s promise. But he didn’t do that. Instead he had An Zi Ran substitute as the bride.

Even if he was naturally homosexual that did not mean that he had to choose An Zi Ran.

There was silence for a long time. Just when An Zi Ran thought he would not answer, Fu Wu Tian’s mellow voice sounded, but the answer was beyond his expectations.

“At first, it was just curiosity.”

An Zi Ran heard his own voice asked, “Curious about what?”

Fu Wu Tian’s hand suddenly came over and lightly lifted An Zi Ran’s chin. The darkness of his eyes became deeper. “I was curious about how a person could change so drastically, from inside to outside, and from top to bottom. So this prince started to become interested in you. Then I found out a lot of things about you.”

“Just for this reason, you had me substitute as the bride?” An Zi ran felt that Fu Wu Tian was treating marriage too lightly. He didn’t have much choice at first because of his elders, but afterwards he evidently took the initiative.

Fu Wu Tian heard the dissatisfaction in his words, but he answered in an unconcerned tone, “In our later interactions, this prince discovered that you are a book worth tasting…”

“Vulgar metaphor.”

“Don’t be like this, wang fei, it’s rare for this prince to express emotion.”

“Get to the main point!”

“Fine. The main point is, this prince thinks that it was worth it to marry you. This prince really likes your ‘inner beauty,’ so I never felt regret.”

“…Inner beauty?” An Zi Ran was incredulous. Did Fu Wu Tian really say that?

Fu Wu Tian nodded, “Yes, your ‘inner beauty.’”

An Zi Ran finally understood, but there was still one thing he did not get. “Because you became interested in me, so you married me, then are you actually bisexual?”

“Huh? Bisexual?”

“It means you like both women and men.”

Fu Wu Tian understood his meaning. He looked at An Zi Ran and said, “Man or woman doesn’t matter to this prince, but aren’t all men like this?”

An Zi Ran was stumped.

All men are like this? Was he too antiquated, or was this world’s ideology very progressive? Or maybe Fu Wu Tian’s understanding of men and women was outside of the circle of normal people?

He suddenly had an intuition that it was the third misconception.

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