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The Big Landlord 75.1

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Chapter 75.1 – To Assist

The next morning, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian got up early as usual.
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No one found out that the two have finally consummated their marriage and thus truly became a married couple. As for the so-called filial period, for the two husbands, one was a soul from the twenty-first century, and the other one’s three views were not normal. To them, the filial period was never within their scope of thinking.

Today was the day that An Ke Xin moved to another house to prepare for the marriage.

The other house was smaller, only about half the size of the An manor. It couldn’t house that many people, so An Zi Ran planned to have An Ke Xin and her mother move there first.

“Careful, these are this lady’s dowry. If you break it, you can’t afford it.” An Ke Xin’s high-pitched voice came to them from the front hall.

When An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian walked over, they saw her standing on the steps and commanding the servants as they moved the betrothal gifts that the Lin family sent over from before. That day she had a face of one who would rather die than get marry, but now it has changed.

“Be more mindful.”

Zheng Bi stood beside her daughter. Her expression was as pleased as punch. After she finished speaking, she saw An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian coming over.

An Ke Xin also took notice. Don’t know what she was thinking, but she suddenly gave Zheng Bi a look with hidden meaning.

Zheng Bi immediately walked up to them and said with a smile, “Zi Ran, ah. In a few more days it will be Ke Xin’s wedding. About the dowry list, are you done writing it yet?”

An Zi Ran glanced at them. From the folds of his clothes, he took out the list that he had long finished writing and handed it to An Ke Xin. “I’ve already appointed Steward Su to manage everything. Bring the Lin family’s betrothal gift and go to the new house first. In the afternoon, Steward Su will send your dowry over.”

Zheng Bi couldn’t wait to take the list and look over it.

An Ke Xin also wanted to see how much dowry the An family was giving her.

Zheng Bi took a look at the list, folded it back up, and said with dissatisfaction, “Why isn’t there even a single estate or land property? When the master was alive I remember him saying he would give Ke Xin some property as dowry when she gets married.”
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An estate or land was classified as immovable property. It was something one kept for a lifetime. It was not like jewelry or money, when you use those up they would be gone. Although she was a woman, she still understood this. She thought An Zi Ran would give a few pieces of estate or land as dowry.

An Zi Ran said, “You also know that that was when my father was alive.”

“That’s your father’s last wish, how could you just brush it aside?” Zheng Bi was a little angry. She was hoping to get some land from the An family when her daughter got married.

“Whether my father said it or not when he was alive, right now the head of the household is I. If you’re truly not satisfied, I can re-make a new dowry list.” An Zi Ran looked at her with dark eyes and spoke calmly.

An Ke Xin was just about to vocalize her dissatisfaction.

Zheng Bi hurriedly stopped her. “No, we are very satisfied, very satisfied, no need to re-make it.”

An Ke Xin didn’t understand why her mother suddenly changed her attitude. Before she could open her mouth she was taken away. The mother and daughter pair began to whisper.

Wang fei, you’re being really good to this mother and daughter.”

Looking at their departing backs, Fu Wu Tian suddenly said this into his ear.

An Zi Ran withdrew his gaze. “How am I being really good to them?”

Fu Wu Tian said, “Although you didn’t give any land, you did give some real estate. Is this not good enough already?”

An Zi Ran’s lips curved lightly. “Some people like to do themselves to death. Even if I don’t meddle, in the end they would not have a good outcome. Why should I waste time on two insignificant women?”

Fu Wu Tian stared at the smiling expression on his lips. It seemed like this was the first time he saw wang fei smile. In a flash, he thought An Zi Ran was as gentle as jade. A few years later, this feeling might become more obvious.

Wang fei, you really do have inner beauty.”


This phrase “inner beauty” was actually not very useful.

At the county office, An Zi Ran finally had the opportunity to see Fu Wu Tian at work. Unlike what he usually saw, the atmosphere of the whole person was a little cold. He was not like an ordinary military personnel, all muscles and no brains. On the contrary, his IQ was very high, and he often times hit the nail right on the head.

Because he only stayed in An Yuan County, all the messengers had to go to him to report.

However, Fu Wu Tian did not go to the office every day, so some of the unimportant official documents were handed over to County Magistrate Zhang. At first, County Magistrate Zhang didn’t dare complete the work in place of Fu Wu Tian. He was only a small county magistrate, how could he dare to look at official documents meant for the prefectural magistrate’s eyes only?

As a result, the official documents accumulated more and more. County Magistrate Zhang was a workaholic. Unable to stand by idly and watch, he finally took up the work boldly. Unless it was something he wasn’t qualified to make decisions for, he would handle everything himself.

“You’re not planning to support County Magistrate Zhang are you?”

An Zi Ran heard that County Magistrate Zhang had been helping Fu Wu Tian with the official documents during this time. He immediately thought of the empty prefectural magistrate seat. Everyone was eyeing this position, so it was hard to decide whom to put in that seat. Someone without a proper background was likely to be ousted not after long, and someone with a background would be closely monitored by others.

Fu Wu Tian explained, “This Zhang He may seem like a small time county magistrate, but he actually has ambitions. Except his background is not sturdy enough. So he always stayed within An Yuan County as a small county magistrate. Why do you think he targeted An Chang De? It was because he was aiming for Jiang Zhong Ting who was backing him.”

Unfortunately, Jiang Zhong Ting turned out to be bad goods.

Zhang He realized this and withdrew in time.

“Can he resist those pressures?” An Zi Ran asked skeptically. Getting mixed up in bureaucracy was not good, especially in Da Ya’s current state.

The Chong Ming Emperor was incompetent. In contrast, his princes were all very outstanding and each of them were ambitious. In order to increase the bargaining chips in their hands they would use any means possible. If Zhang He became the prefectural magistrate of Hong Province, no one would try to entice him to their side, because he would be labeled with Fu Wu Tian’s name already. At that time, they would only make things difficult for him.

Fu Wu Tian said with great irresponsibility, “This prince is only providing him with an opportunity, whether or not he can stability hold his post on top would be up to his capabilities.”

An Zi Ran no longer continues the conversation. If their positions were reversed, he would also do the same thing. Only those who could withstand the pressure would be able to accomplish great things. These types of talents were worth drawing to one’s side, so this was not only an opportunity for Zhang He, but also a test for him.

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