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The Big Landlord 76.2

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Chapter 76.2 – Husband and Wife Comes to Visit

When he heard the news, even An Zi Ran could not help but be shocked for a moment.
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“They are in the main hall right now?”

Su Zi replied, “They insisted on coming in. The servants couldn’t stop them. Young Master, do you want me to have people escort them back out?”

He knew that the young master did not want to see them anymore. He didn’t like the two people either. Their skin was way too thick. They already had an acrimonious falling-out, yet they dared to come back.

“No need. Let’s go see what they want.”


“What work do you people do for your food? Why aren’t you coming over here to pour tea for this lord?” An Chang De sat in a chair, screaming commands at the An family servants to serve them. He was completely regarding himself as the owner of the family.

A few of the servants looked at each other.

These weren’t new employees that have just been recruited but the family. They could still clearly recall the scene of these two people falling out with the young master. It wasn’t even that long ago, but these people had the gall to come to their doorstep, and even regard themselves as masters of the house? Are they sick in the brain?

Wu Zhi looked at their actions and smiled coldly. “How come the An family servants are getting more and more unruly, not even putting their masters in their eyes. Don’t think that just because we lost our power, we are no longer influential. We are still An Zi Ran’s uncle and aunt.”

“That’s right!” An Chang De sneered.

When the couple first heard that the An family’s son-in-law cruelly killed Jiang Zhong Ting, they pissed their pants in terror. But after a long stretch of time, An Zi Ran still did not come to them to settle accounts, so they went from apprehensive to calm. In the end, they even lost all fear.
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They thought that An Zi Ran didn’t dare to do anything to them, because despite their falling out, their relationship of blood was indelible.

And just like this, the two of them made up a bunch of stuff in their heads.

In the end, they came to this mystical conclusion.

The day before yesterday, they heard that the An family was moving to Jun Zi City in a few days. The two thought about it and felt that if they could go along with An Zi Ran to the capital then they would meet more powerful people, so they rushed over.

When An Zi Ran entered the great hall, he saw An Chang De and Wu Zhi disciplining the servants. He couldn’t help but blink in a stupor. These people really thought of themselves as masters in this house.

After An Chang De’s reputation got dragged through the mud, An Zi Ran did not intend to pay attention to them anymore. As long as the couple wised up in the future and no longer provoked him, he was willing to let them off for the sake of this body he took over. Instead, they showed up at his door and did not know how to exercise any restraint at all.

Wu Zhi was the first one to notice An Zi Ran’s arrival. Her expression changed to one of surprise. Then she came over and said enthusiastically, “This aunt’s good nephew, you finally came out.”

“What did the two of you come here for?”

An Zi Ran stood without going inside the great hall. His cold eyes swept over the faces of the two.

The smile on Wu Zhi’s face suddenly became stiff.

An Chang De walked over and said, “Zi Ran, what is this attitude of yours? We are still your uncle and aunt. If Chang Fu knew that you were treating your elders with this kind of attitude he would roll over in his grave.”

Asides from An Zi Ran, this sentence elicited snickers from everyone else.

Even if the master were to roll over in his grave, it wouldn’t be due to the young master. They were obviously gunning for the An family’s assets, yet they dared to appear before the An family, and even used this kind of tone to talk to the young master. Were they really that thick skinned, or were they really taking themselves seriously?

Su Zi sneered impolitely.

An Chang De’s eyes narrowed. “What are you laughing at? No propriety at all.”

Su Zi spoke sarcastically, “If I remember correctly, you two seem to have nothing to do with the An family. Please don’t pretend to be a master of the An family anymore. Otherwise, you really will anger our master so much that he’ll roll over in his grave. You could even say such words without feeling ashamed.”

“You!” An Chang De was angered to the point that his complexion turned ashen.
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“You are but a servant. You have no right to interject.” Wu Zhi glared at him. After she said this, she turned to An Zi Ran, “Zi Ran, auntie is not reprimanding you, but servants can’t be indulged. Otherwise, they will only become more and more arrogant, and not even treat the master as the master.”

“Su Zi.”

Su Zi heard his name and hurriedly said, “Young Master, what is your command?”

An Zi Ran looked at An Chang De and Wu Zhi until their scalps went numb. “Throw them out and don’t allow them to step into the house again.”

Su Zi’s voice immediately rose, “Yes, Young Master!”

An Change De’s face changed dramatically.

Not long after, Su Zi, along with three other servants, threw An Chang De and Wu Zhi out of the front door. They did not hold back at all, straightforwardly tossing the couple out. The two fell onto their bums outside the front door.

“An Zi Ran, you god damn f*cking parentless bastard!”

Wu Zhi was so angry that her face had become distorted.

Su Zi snorted and wanted to refute with a sentence, when his eyes fell behind Wu Zhi.

Wu Zhi suddenly felt a chill at her back. She was just about to turn around when a chilling voice sounded behind the two of them.

“Who is swearing at this prince’s wang fei?”

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