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The Big Landlord 78.1

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Chapter 78.1 – An Palace

Chong Ming 27th year, May 29

Due to Fu Wu Tian’s merits in governing Chang Province, the Chong Ming Emperor was very happy. Hearing that his wang fei’s family was moving to Jun ZI City, the emperor gifted them a manor and personally named it An Palace.
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When the An family arrived at Jun Zi City, they immediately received the attention of the emperor, of course there would be people green with envy. To have married a wang ye, and not to mention that wang ye was Da Ya’s god of war, even an insignificant landlord could become relatives to the emperor. A lot of people envied his stroke of luck.

However, the person in question did not agree with this sentiment.

“Could the emperor be trying to cancel out your merits with a mansion?”
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When An Zi Ran learned of this matter, he instinctively turned to look at Fu Wu Tian. When the imperial edict came, he was still in the courtyard that he had previously purchased in Jun Zi City. Originally, he wanted to set up the servants here, especially Wang Qing Lan. Instead, he heard this news as soon as he returned to the courtyard.

Isn’t the emperor covertly saying that he wants everyone from the An family to live there?

But the most important thing was that the Chong Ming Emperor clearly ordered his imperial sons not to participate on the day of their wedding, and now he was gifting them this mansion with such great fanfare, it was hard not to suspect that he might have other purposes.

Fu Wu Tian said cheerfully, “No.”

An Zi Ran arched an eyebrow. “So sure?”

Fu Wu Tian replied, “Before he has recovered the military power from the hands of this prince, he will not make a move against this prince. What’s more, the things that happened in Chang Province are obvious to all. He can’t erase it. When the situation in Chang Province really improves, even if he wants to delay, he would not be able to.”

An Zi Ran went silent.

Fu Wu Tian then said, “If you don’t want your father’s fourth concubine to move in, then just continue to let her live in the other courtyard.”

“No, let her move in.”

An Zi Ran shook his head. Placing her right in his line of sight would make her easier to monitor.

The Chong Ming Emperor’s imperial edict was passed neither too early nor too late. It arrived right after the people from the An family moved into the courtyard, so now they have to move into the An Palace, but An Zi Ran had not seen the other place yet, so he did not intent to move in right away. He decided to go scope out the configuration of the palace first. Fu Wu Tian did not have other matters to attend to, so he accompanied An Zi Ran to the new palace. The An Palace was right next to the Imperial Fu Palace*. The two palaces were close together; only a few steps away.

[*T/N: I decided to go with the following translations for the names of their residences. 安府 an fu: An Palace 傅王府 fu wang fu: Imperial Fu Palace. If you have a better suggestion, feel free to comment.]

The An Palace was very big. Although it wasn’t as big as the Imperial Fu Palace, there would be no problems with housing a few hundred people.

As soon as An Zi Ran saw the main gate of the An Palace, he could tell that the place was just built, because the bricks and tiles were very new. It did not look like someone had lived in it before.
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Fu Wu Tian saw his doubts and said, “The Chong Ming Emperor originally built this palace for Princess Zhao Hua.”

An Zi Ran inadvertently arched an eyebrow. Gifting a princess’s palace to the An family? Was the Chong Ming Emperor trying to make Princess Zhao Hua hate the An family? This method was simply too sloppy.

The two of them approached the palace, but the gate was opened from the inside.

A middle-aged man with a serious face came out of the An Palace as if he had known that they would come over and said, “This servant, Zhu Cheng, greets wang ye and wang fei.”

An Zi Ran looked at Fu Wu Tian.

Fu Wu Tian led him up the steps.

Zhu Cheng turned his body, but he did not retreat.

Only after the two had walked up to the threshold did they see that there were a lot more people inside the palace. At a glace it could be discerned that these people all went through rigorous training. They stood inside in two orderly rows.

Fu Wu Tian said, “The An family doesn’t need this many people. Take them all away, ba.”

Zhu Cheng knew that this sentence was directed at him, so he replied, “In response to wang ye, it is the emperor who sent this servant. Wang fei’s people are all newcomers here. The emperor was afraid that they might not be accustomed to the new environment. Furthermore, the An Palace is very big, so the emperor sent this servant here to help manage matters, until wang fei’s people become more familiar with things.”

“This prince’s family, this prince will take care of. There is no need to bother the emperor. Just go back and report it like so to the emperor.”

As long as one was not a fool, they could easily see that the Chong Ming Emperor clearly sent these people to monitor the An family, and through the An family, they could even monitor the Imperial Fu Palace.

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