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The Big Landlord 78.2

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Chapter 78.2 – An Palace

An Zi Ran did not expect that their relationship would be so tense.
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However, a further bit of thought and one would no longer be surprised by the state of affairs. There was no emperor in history that would be willing to subject himself to another. Even if the Chong Ming Emperor was a weak ruler, he would not want to have someone who was not under his control. Not to mention, this person held more than half of Da Ya’s military strength.

Fu Wu Tian came back for only a few months, but it was obvious that he did not place any importance on the emperor. It was no wonder that the emperor would be anxious to assign his people to their place.

Wang ye, please forgive this servant for not being able to comply.”

Zhu Cheng heard Fu Wu Tian’s words, but he still held no fear. His expression was inflexible. He was the Chong Ming Emperor’s personal servant. Naturally, he heeded the emperor’s orders. Furthermore, he did not fear that the jun wang would harm him. Even if the jun wang had that power, he had the emperor to back him up, and he did not break any laws, so he presumed that the jun wang would not be able to do anything to him.

Fu Wu Tian listened to his response, and then slowly turned to look at him.

Zhu Cheng’s body was very straight, neither obsequious nor supercilious.
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His attitude seemed to be very principled and sturdy, but his eyes clearly revealed a faint scorn.

“So you’re saying you must remain here?”

Fu Wu Tian suddenly let out a bark of laughter, his voice becoming much milder.

Zhu Cheng’s body shook, and finally there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

This wasn’t his first time seeing Fu Wu tian. He was an old timer within the palace, and he was one of the people close to the emperor. Although he wasn’t comparable to the chief eunuch, Wang Ping, he was only second to Wang Ping.

On the day when Fu Wu Tian returned triumphant from the frontlines, the Chong Ming Emperor personally went to the city gate to meet him. At that time, Zhu Cheng also followed behind, and he was fortunate enough to see Fu Wu Tian in armor. The god of war was imperious and awe-inspiring. He also recalled the first time he saw this young wang ye, the wang ye’s eyes were cold and bloodthirsty. Even he, someone experienced and knowledgeable, and had a way with handling difficult matters, couldn’t help but shudder in the wang ye’s presence.

At that time, he heard that the wang ye was a man who was unsmiling and cold-blooded. To hear him laughing so suddenly, Zhu Cheng had a bad feeling.

Frightened, Zhu Cheng said quickly, “Wang ye, this servant is just acting on orders. Pray that wang ye won’t make things hard for this servant.”

In addition to showing weakness, this sentence also implied that there was the emperor behind him.

“Of course this prince knows that you are acting on orders…” Fu Wu Tian’s smile revealed a trace of cruelty, and his voice grew even lighter.

Zhu Cheng’s teeth rattled together. He finally could not go on acting calm.

Fu Wu Tian slowly raised his hand.

Just then, a hand grabbed onto his wrist…

Fu Wu Tian turned his head and saw his wang fei frowning at him. “What’s wrong?” The smile on his face weakened a bit, but it was as if he was bathed in the spring breeze, looking a lot warmer.

An Zi Ran said, “This is the An family’s new house.”

Fu Wu Tian instantly understood what he meant.

Last time, two people died in the An manor courtyard and the entire family had to move. Now that the emperor had given this An Palace to them, it would be more convenient to stay next to the Imperial Fu Palace. So An Zi Ran decided to bluntly accept the gift. Since he wanted to live in it, naturally he didn’t want blood to be spilled in it.

Fu Wu Tian’s eyebrows wrinkled imperceptibly. He looked at Zhu Cheng, whose eyes were trembling with extreme fear, and said unpleasantly, “Count yourself as lucky. Get lost.”

Zhu Cheng took those palace maids with him and they left the An Palace as if they were running for their lives.

Just now, he plainly saw that the jun wang was leaking killing intent. There was no way he could be wrong. Just the thought of the jun wang wanting to kill him made him quake in his boots, so he frantically escaped back to the imperial palace. Anyway, the emperor’s intentions have already been conveyed. If the emperor wanted to pass blame, he only needed to push the blame onto the jun wang and his wang fei. He didn’t need to pay up his own life for this task.

At the Forbidden City.

Zhu Cheng quickly reported this matter back to the emperor, all the while embellishing the story to make it more interesting.

He wasn’t someone who knew how to be grateful to others. Although he knew that it was probably the jun wang’s wang fei who saved his life, he did not think that the wang fei was a good person, so he also smeared An Zi Ran’s name.


The Chong Ming Emperor picked up a book and threw it at Zhu Cheng.

Zhu Cheng did not dare utter a single cry despite being badly bruised.

“Your Majesty, please quell your anger!”

A slender hand touched the emperor’s chest, and a delicate voice sounded softly in the royal study room. Anyone who heard that voice would have blood rushing to their lower abdomen.

The beauty had a flower-like appearance. She was different from the last concubine. This was the emperor’s most beloved concubine these past few days. She was great on the bed, and she knew how to weigh up people’s words and observe their facial expression. Her hands seemed to have magical powers. Every time she could appease the emperor’s anger. This time was no different.

The anger on the emperor’s face really did ease up a lot. With a flip of his hand he easily held onto that soft body. His gaze fell upon the white of her décolletage and he abruptly pulled the beauty into his arms. The beauty let out a startled sound.

“All of you get out.”

Zhu Cheng and them all let out a collective breath of relief. They withdrew from the royal study in fear and trepidation.

After a while, squeaking sounds came from the royal study.

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