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The Big Landlord 82.2

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Chapter 82.2 – Fierce Competition

The manager hesitated for a moment. “Yes.”

Then he gently pushed opened the door of the private room. The movement was not big, but entering at this juncture would definitely be conspicuous. However, when they entered the room, no one looked over. Everyone was holding their breath and staring at the table. The atmosphere was tensed and repressed.

The room was large, and there were already more than a dozen people inside.

The manager led them inside.

An Zi Ran looked at the two people who were currently gambling. The person with his back to the door was a slightly fat middle-aged man. He wore gold and silver jewelry, and looked like a nouveau riche. At this moment, his expression was not very good. He looked a little green around the gills as he used his hand to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead.

Opposite the middle-aged man was a person who looked to be about thirty years old. His face was very plain.

In front of the man was a pair of dices and a dice cup. Beside his hand was already a stack of a dozen banknotes. The denomination of each piece was no less than a thousand silvers. There was even a banknote of ten thousand silvers.

On the other hand, the middle-aged man’s stack of banknotes was pitiful in comparison. It was evident that he lost quite a lot. It was no wonder he was pouring cold sweat. He had lost thousands and thousands of silvers in the blink of an eye. Even your average wealthy businessman could not afford such a lost.

The manager saw that the two men were starting to become interested in gambling. After pondering he explained, “Sirs, what you are seeing now is a gambling match between our gambling house and Feng Hua Gambling House. The middle-aged man on the left hand side is Boss Zhang of Feng Hua Gambling House. He was a very famous gambler in his youth.”

Regardless of how famous he was, right now Boss Zhang was being slaughtered on the gambling table.

An Zi Ran looked at Boss Zhang who was wiping his sweat once again. It seemed that there was some grievance between the two gambling houses.

The manager smiled and said, “Customers, this is your first time here so it’s no wonder that you do not know. There are more than a dozen gambling houses on this street. The competition is very fierce. It’s very normal for a casino to fall today and for another to spring up in its place tomorrow. Those who can have the last laugh must have the strongest background.”

An Zi Ran cocked his head and gave the manager a glance.

The words of this manager seemed to have a warning of unknown meaning!

The manager couldn’t be thinking that they were here to investigate and getting ready to open their own casino, could he? An Zi Ran didn’t think that a manager could say this to a customer for no reason.

At the table, the man and the middle-aged man started the final round of their game.

Asides from guessing big or small, there were a lot of other tricks when it came to tossing dices. Just before they came in, the two players have already played eleven rounds. The middle-aged man lost ten rounds.

“This is the last round. Let’s compete to see who gets the lowest number.” The middle-aged man knew that he had no retreat route. He stared fiercely at the other man as he spoke.

The other man looked at the middle-age man, glanced at the money beside his hand, and then said, “Boss Zhang, it seems you don’t have much money left.”

The middle-aged man’s expression was stiff as he replied, “There’s not much, but there’s still enough to play one more round.”

The other man smiled and placed his hand atop the large stack of banknotes. He said, “Could it be that Boss Zhang wants to win this money back? Without this money, Feng Hua Gambling House would have to go bankrupt, right?”

The middle-aged man stared at the stack of banknotes for a long time and then finally withdrew his gaze. Of course he thought this, but he didn’t have much money left right now. The most valuable thing he had left was his gambling house. He knew what the other party’s meaning was. He wanted him to use his gambling house as collateral, but he would never do such a thing.

He wasn’t stupid. The reason he ended up like this was because the other side had this game rigged. They wanted to swallow up his gambling house. In that case, he would not let them have their wish no matter what.

“Do not talk nonsense. Let’s get started.”

The middle-aged man wiped his face hard. There was a glint of determination in his eyes.

The other man frowned. He knew that he could no longer try to rile up the middle-aged man. He could only give up on the idea. “In that case, I will accompany you, Boss Zhang. Please.”

The middle-aged man picked up the dices and the dice cup. He shook it vigorously. His technique was quite skillful. One could tell that it was something he had practiced for some years, and most people would not be able to imitate him.

After a while, the middle-aged man slapped the dice cup onto the table.

The crowd immediately stared at his hand. He lifted the dice cup and revealed six red dots. Each dice rolled up as a one. They couldn’t help but let out a burst of uproar.

“It’s a six.”

The eyes of the people looking at the middle-aged man suddenly became different. To think that he would get a six on the last round. It was the lowest number possible using six dices. Looks like Feng Hua Gambling House still had a chance to make a come back.

The middle-aged man let out a sigh of relief and looked at the other man. “It’s your turn.”

The man’s expression was very calm. Even if the middle-aged man managed to get the lowest number six, his expression did not change. Hearing the middle-aged man’s voice regaining confidence, he slowly picked up the dice cup.

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