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The Big Landlord 83.1

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Chapter 83.1 – Feng Hua Gambling House

The atmosphere inside the private room was getting more and more tense.

Although the betting amount was not high, everyone present in the room knew what it would mean for Boss Zhang if he lost this round.

In all likelihood his Feng Hua Gambling House would have to come to an end.

Who would want to go into a gambling house that didn’t have money? Not to mention, this time it was Bao Hua Gambling House – a casino with a strong background – that wanted to annex Feng Hua Gambling House. No matter how much Boss Zhang resisted it was useless. If he’d obediently handed over his gambling house perhaps he could still preserve his life.

A few people secretly shook their heads.
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Boss Zhang’s attitude indicated that he wanted to struggle until the very end.

“Who does wang fei think will win?” Fu Wu Tian murmured. He spoke in a low voice and the manager next to him had his attention on the gambling table. At that moment, he was not paying attention to them.

An Zi Ran faintly said, “Is it still necessary to guess? Isn’t the outcome already understood? Feng Hua Gambling House will undoubtedly lose.”

Fu Wu Tian clasped his hands behind his back. His ruminating gaze fell upon the people on the other side. Those people were looking over at them with curiosity. As soon as the other side met Fu Wu Tian’s eyes, they averted their gazes, but it did not seem like they recognized them.

Although Fu Wu Tian was very famous, there were still very few people who had actually seen him.

Just as they finished speaking, the outcome of the bet at the gambling table was revealed.

The middle-aged man’s eyes were wide as he stared incredulously at the other man. The other party’s skills were even better than he had imagined. The six dices were stacked one on top of the other, revealing a one at the top. This was not something that ordinary people could accomplish.

He was not the only one surprised. The other people in the room were also very surprised at the result.

It was not difficult to shake the dice cup until all six dices stacked atop one another; many skilled gamblers could do it. But to shake the dices until they lined up with the same number on one side, not to mention having a one on the top, those who could accomplish such a feat could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The middle-aged man slumped into his seat.
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His Feng Hua Gambling House was finished!

“You’ve let me win*, Boss Zhang!” The other man stood up and cupped his hands towards Boss Zhang in salute. The person beside him immediately snatched up the remaining banknotes that was in front of Boss Zhang.

[*T/N: 承让 cheng rang means “you let me win,” and it is said politely after winning a game. It’s a courtesy phrase. It doesn’t mean Boss Zhang actually let him win.]

The gambling match between Feng Hua Gambling House and Bao Hua Gambling House ended here. The conclusion of the match adhered to everyone’s expectations. Feng Hua Gambling House’s lost was not at all unexpected. It would not be long before Feng Hua Gambling House became an operation under Bao Hua Gambling House.

After watching a good show, the crowd of people left the private room one by one.

Boss Zhang was ruined. He walked out of the private room as if he had lost his soul.

“Boss Zhang, please stay!”

The other man who was gambling against Boss Zhang suddenly called out to him and came over.

Boss Zhang’s expression was very ugly. He definitely did not want to give any attention to the other man, but today was not the same as yesterday. He didn’t dare fling away the other person and not give him face, but that didn’t mean he had to give a good expression for the other person to see either. After all, the reason he ended up like this was because the other man’s subordinates were playing underhanded tricks in the background.

The other man walked up to him. “Boss Zhang, people in the light do not speak surreptitiously, so I will speak frankly. Your gambling house can no longer go on operating like this. My master is very interested in your gambling house. Why don’t you be a little more tactful and sell your gambling house to my master? That way, you can still have a living path.”

The last sentence was more oblique.

Boss Zhang heard the threat in his words. His facial expression became even uglier. Of course he knew that he was in dire straits. His conclusion won’t be good no matter what. No doubt, his enemies have always been waiting for his final end. But to force him to sell his gambling house and go bankrupt… he definitely won’t allow it!

The other man saw his determination and smiled unconcerned. “Boss Zhang, why are you so stubborn? After all, Feng Hua Gambling House originally wasn’t yours anyways, right?”

Boss Zhang suddenly opened his eyes wide.

“Are you surprised that I know?” The other man said leisurely, “There is nothing in the capital that I, Luo Yang, do not know about. I already knew from a long time ago that you snatched Feng Hua Gambling House from your brother’s hands. It’s better that you act with alacrity. It will be better for the both of us!”

Boss Zhang bowed his head and grinded his teeth together hard.

He was not a good person, and he was well aware of that, but he has never had an uneasy conscience.

Only this one thing alone has been a thorn in his heart these past few years.

Perhaps because of his age, there were fewer and fewer people by his side that he could trust. In recent years, he often thought about how he fought with his brother when he was young. At that time his brother trusted him very much, but he actually went and betrayed his brother. The gambling house that they worked together to build up, he stole it for his own.

He regretted his actions.

Five years ago, Feng Hua Gambling House was not called Feng Hua. It was he who changed the name, all for the sake of peace of mind, to pay homage to his dead brother. Therefore, even if he lost all his wealth, Feng Hua Gambling House alone was something he could not give up to others. This was the only thing that he could do now.

“Tell your master to set aside his notions. I will never sell the gambling house to you.”

Boss Zhang said this sentence and then left.

The other man looked at his back and narrowed his eyes. “There is no absolutes in this world. What my master wants, it is not something a lowly casino owner like you can prevent.”

On this street, every gambling house had a backer of some sort, but there were also exceptions.

For example, Feng Hua Gambling House was considered a miracle in Jun Zi City, because there was no big man behind the casino backing it up. The gambling house was completely built from the ground up by Boss Zhang and his brother.

For many years, the reason why Feng Hua Gambling House has always been peaceful was because Boss Zhang knew how to operate in society, often using money to “pay respects” to certain people. But now that his master wanted Feng Hua Gambling House, even if Boss Zhang found someone with a higher status to back his casino, it would still not be enough.

This was an inevitable course!

Neither of them realized that their conversation has entered into An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian’s ears.

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