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The Big Landlord 83.2

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Chapter 83.2 – Feng Hua Gambling House

Neither of them realized that their conversation has entered into An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian’s ears. They were not interested in the little twists and turns in the situation, but An Zi Ran was still interested in Feng Hua Gambling House. To operate a casino for this many years without background and without backing, this Boss Zhang did indeed have a bit of skill.

Wang fei, do you want to play a few rounds?”

They had already sent the manager away, leaving only the two of them behind, so Fu Wu Tian no longer deliberately suppressed his voice.

An Zi Ran did not hesitate.

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The two went directly to the first floor, just to have a look. There was no need to gamble too much.

The manager saw the two of them coming down from the second floor. A flash of surprise passed through his eyes. He thought he had guessed correctly that these two had came to study the functioning behind a casino, but in the next second, the two sirs were sitting down at a gambling table, preparing to play.

The manager deliberately walked over to take a look and found that the amount they betted each time were neither too high nor too low, each time it was between ten to hundred silvers. Furthermore, nine times out of ten they won. Their winning rate was so high that it was scary. After a short while, they won several hundred silvers. After observing for a while, the manager felt that they may have really came to pass the time, but they still couldn’t let them keep winning like this.

Just as he was wondering whether or not he should replace the dealers at their table, the two abruptly stopped playing. They exchanged the several hundreds of silvers that they won into banknotes and then left the gambling house.

“I didn’t know that you could gamble.”

Outside of the gambling house, An Zi Ran looked towards Fu Wu Tian with some surprise in his eyes. He thought that Fu Wu Tian’s long stay in the military camp meant that he had little exposure to gambling. But just now, he won several of those rounds due to Fu Wu Tian’s advice.

Fu Wu Tian perceived his thoughts. “I have gambled before in the military camp.”

An Zi Ran was astonished. “You can still gamble in the military camp?” He thought that gambling would be strictly prohibited in the military camp, otherwise the soldiers would become easily distracted, but instead, it was Fu Wu Tian, their leader, who took the lead in gambling.

“You can’t!”

An Zi Ran immediately understood what he meant.

Fu Wu Tian did not continue this topic anymore. He looked towards Feng Hua Gambling House, which was not too far away. The storefront was quiet and desolate. “What does wang fei think about this Feng Hua Gambling House?”

An Zi Ran gave it some thought. “It’s possible to give it some consideration.”

Fu Wu Tian asked, “Then would you still like to visit it?” Before, he saw that An Zi Ran had an interest in the gambling house, and was able to guessed a few things, but he didn’t think that wang fei would start from this aspect. But it was only with a casino that you could invest less and profit more.

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Although he had just returned to the capital not long ago, and he did not have a concrete understanding of everything yet, but he knew that much of Da Ya’s money flowed within gambling houses, including stolen money.

“No. Let’s return to the prince’s palace.”

After the two returned, Fu Wu Tian immediately sent Ge Qian An to investigate the matter of Feng Hua Gambling House.

The next day, all the information related to Feng Hua Gambling House was quickly presented to them.

Feng Hua Gambling House had fifteen years of history, but its main development happened ten years ago. At that time there were two owners of the casino, Boss Zhang and his brother. Rumor had it that thye were from the same village and they grew up together. Although they weren’t born from the same parents, they were even closer than biological brothers.

The two of them worked together to establish Feng Hua Gambling House.

However, the one who made the biggest contribution to Feng Hua Gambling House was Boss Zhang’s brother. Without him, the casino wouldn’t have flourished. But there was competition in every industry, especially in the gambling industry.

The development of Feng Hua Gambling House stirred up great jealousy in some people.

Those people provoked the relationship between Boss Zhang and his brother. Boss Zhang was fooled. Although he did not kill his brother by himself, he still indirectly caused it.

However, Boss Zhang was really very capable. After taking over Feng Hua Gambling House, he spent ten years making it one of the top ten gambling houses in the capital.

Bao Hua Gambling House wanted to annex other gambling houses to expand itself in the gambling industry. Feng Hua was a casino without a backer, so naturally it became a target of Bao Hua Gambling House. Bao Hua started targeting Feng Hua since the previous year. Gradually less and less people went to Feng Hua to gamble, and now only a small number of people still visited the place. The workers that Boss Zhang had hired were also snatched away by other casinos.

Nowadays, everyone was just waiting for Bao Hua Gambling House to swallow Feng Hua Gambling House.

After reading this information, An Zi Ran unexpectedly curved the corners of his lips up in satisfaction.

Just as he looked up and prepared to share his thoughts with Fu Wu Tian, a shadow suddenly shrouded him. Without waiting for him to react, his lips were abruptly captured in a kiss, not only that, the other party even had the gall to stick his tongue into his mouth and entangled the two.

An Zi Ran’s face went taut as he silently pushed the other person away.

Fu Wu Tian looked at An Zi Ran’s lips which glistened with his saliva. He reached out his hand with the intention of caressing An Zi Ran’s cheek, but the youth caught him by the wrist.

“Don’t get uppity.”

An Zi Ran licked his wet lips with his tongue. It was weird to have someone else’s saliva on his lips, so he unconsciously licked his lips.

Fu Wu Tian’s eyes stared fixedly at his movements. “Wang fei, you’re seducing this prince.”

Once An Zi Ran processed the meaning of his words, he immediately wiped off the saliva on his lips with his sleeves and looked at the man calmly. “Now I’m not.”

“…Wang fei, you’re a rascal.”

“I still need to learn that from you.”

When you’re up against someone who was a shameless rogue, you had to be more shameless and more of a rogue than they were!

This was a new skill that An Zi Ran had just recently developed. Although the effect could not be said to be significant, he was generally satisfied with it.

It was the second time that Fu Wu Tian decisively changed the topic, “How do you feel after reading the information on Feng Hua Gambling House?”

An Zi Ran cooperated with his change in topic. “Very good.”

It was entirely possible for him to consider purchasing Feng Hua Gambling House. At that time, he wouldn’t even need to do advertising. Having so many people pay attention to the casino was equivalent to firing the first shot. Moreover, he didn’t have to waste time looking for a new place to open a gambling house. He could just renovate Feng Hua Gambling House a bit and that would be fine.

As for whether Boss Zhang was willing to sell the place or not…

This problem was not within the scope of his consideration. There was no way to save Feng Hua Gambling House in its current state. Boss Zhang must also be very clear on this point. The difference was in whom he sold it to.

After making his decision, An Zi Ran began to implement his plans.

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