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The Big Landlord 86.2

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Chapter 86.2 – Cooperation

“Boss Zhang.” An Zi Ran nodded at him in greeting.

Boss Zhang quickly greeted him and invited him to sit down. “An gong zi, please sit!”

Just as An Zi Ran sat down, the server came in with a steaming plate of food that was fresh off the stove. It was the signature dish of this teahouse.

The dish came at just the right time. The fragrant aroma greatly aroused their appetite.

Boss Zhang was a foodie. His appetite was whetted, but he was aware that he still had a guest, so he said, “An gong zi, this teahouse is a famous restaurant in Jun Zi City. Their dishes are delicious. If you are interested then please try it out.”

An Zi Ran did not refuse. It was fast approaching noon. After learning that the meeting place was at a teahouse, he told the kitchen not to make his meal before he left the palace. He picked up the chopsticks and gestured for Shao Fei to sit next to him. “You too, come and eat together.”

Shao Fei grinned and bluntly sat down at the table.

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Boss Zhang’s face went a bit strange. It seems that the relationship between the two wasn’t the master-servant relationship that he had imagined.

Although they just met, the three of them weren’t very reserved with each other. As they ate they relaxed. In comparison, some acquaintances seemed more reserved.

After eating for a while, An Zi Ran found that both Boss Zhang and Shao Fei were big eaters. He ate a bowl of rice and they already finished two bowls. Right now, he was no longer dieting, so his portion was not consider small, it was only that those two had a big appetite, almost like a bottomless pit. After a while, most of the dishes on the table were swept clean.

An Zi Ran took a look at Boss Zhang.

He thought that Shao Fei’s stomach capacity was huge. Every meal, Shao Fei ate five or six bowls of rice. But he was a soldier after all. He used a lot of physical strength in his work. It was understandable that he would have a big appetite. But this Boss Zhang ate even more than Shao Fei. Forty percent of the food on the table went into his stomach. He truly had a big stomach.

In fact, in his past life, his appetite was not small. He ate at least three bowls of rice per meal. But in this world, in order to lose weight, his appetite also became smaller. If he wanted to change it back to his previous capacity he would have to gradually raise it again.

Shao Fei wiped his mouth. When he looked at Boss Zhang, his eyes were shining brightly. “Good appetite!”

“Not at all!”

Boss Zhang’s expression was polite.

An Zi Ran shook his head. Both of them were rice buckets*, what was there to be proud of?

[*T/N: big eaters]

After the meal, it was time for business. Boss Zhang’s expression suddenly became serious. What came next was related to what would happen with the latter half of his life, and also what would become of Feng Hua Gambling House. He considered this matter for a few days, and finally made up his mind, but it was also related to how those people have been pressuring him for days on end.

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“An gong zi, I won’t beat around the bush.” Boss Zhang spoke straightforwardly. “I agree to sell Feng Hua Gambling House to you. And to the offer of me becoming your manager, I also agree, but I have one condition.”

An Zi Ran asked, “What condition?”

“I ask that An gong zi preserve Feng Hua Gambling House. It is fine even if you change the name. I will do my utmost to help you manage the gambling house,” Boss Zhang said seriously. As long as the gambling house remained and he could continue to stay with it, then he was satisfied.

And An Zi Ran was wondering what he was going to say. Preserve Feng Hua Gambling House? What he wanted wasn’t just that. “Boss Zhang, I will definitely raise the casino up. What I want is not small-scale.”

Boss Zhang stared at him blankly. Perhaps, he really did meet a very high-ranked person.

“Next, let’s talk about the price of the gambling house.”

Feng Hua Gambling House was bankrupt, but it was still valuable. Not considering other points, just its geographical location was ideal. It was located on the liveliest street in the capital. The high level of foot traffic became the basis for the opening of the gambling house, and the floor area was also wide.

Maybe a decade or so ago, the real estate on which the gambling house stood wasn’t that expensive, but after so many years, that street has flourished. Wanting to buy a good piece of land that was also big was extremely difficult.

Once this topic was brought up, Boss Zhang immediately straightened out his expression.

An Zi Ran gestured for Shao Fei to take out some things.

Shao Fei took out a stack of bank notes. The number of notes wasn’t high, but each one was worth ten thousand silvers. There were a total of ten bank notes. Some gambling houses wouldn’t be able to earn this amount even in a year.

An Zi Ran took the bank notes and placed it in front of Boss Zhang. “I have verified the value of Feng Hua Gambling House’s real estate. Here is one hundred thousand. If there is no problem then let’s sign the contract.”

Boss Zhang’s hands shook as he picked up the money.

Although Feng Hua Gambling House was one of the top ten casinos in the capital, it was only barely hanging on at the end of its life. This was the first time he has seen so many bank notes worth ten thousand silvers. He became more and more aware that An Zi Ran was someone unfathomable, but he has been walking the streets of Jun Zi City for so many years and had never heard of this person.

An Zi Ran had money. And it wasn’t a simple matter of just “having” it.

His private treasury was stuffed full with gold and silver. Especially after he sold all the grains to Fu Wu Tian, he almost couldn’t put any more valuables into his treasury. Later, because he found it troublesome to lug around gold and silver, he exchanged a portion of his gold into bank notes and brought it with him to the Imperial Fu Palace.

The hundred thousand silvers worth of bank notes were a part of his family’s business. Although it pained him to spend a hundred thousand all at once, he believed that Feng Hua Gambling House could help him make more money.

Boss Zhang had no objection to this price. In fact, based on the location and land space of Feng Hua Gambling House, it didn’t actually amount to a hundred thousand. But now that the price has exceeded his expectations, he immediately signed the contract with An Zi Ran.

And so, in a situation where those who coveted Feng Hua Gambling House did not know about, the deeds to the casino was transferred.

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