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The Big Landlord 87.2

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Chapter 87.2 – News Spreading

The price for Feng Hua Gambling House was not cheap. Without seventy or eighty thousand silvers it was impossible to obtain it. There couldn’t be more than five people in the capital that had the ability to purchase Feng Hua Gambling House. But those few people would not deliberately go up against Bao Hua Gambling House. But if it wasn’t those people, then who could it be?

“Who is it?” Luo Yang looked at Zhang Tian Zhong with a gloomy face.

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Zhang Tian Zhong wasn’t scared by his expression. He brushed off his clothes and said, “To tell you the truth, I also don’t know what kind of person the other party is, but he seemed to be very clear about Feng Hua Gambling House’s situation. He suddenly came to find me. Isn’t Bao Hua Gambling House very resourceful? If you have the skills then go look for answers yourself. I want to know what kind of person he is, too. He was able to whip out such a large sum of money without a blink of the eye.”

Luo Yang stared hard at his face, but couldn’t discern any signs of a lie. Finally, he could no longer remain calm, and left with the group of people.

Zhang Tianzhong looked at his angry back and only felt that he was very happy.

Luoyang returned to the Bao Hua Gambling House. He did not immediately tell his master about this matter. Zhang Tian Zhong’s words, he only believed half of them. He did not rule out the possibility that he deliberately said this to avoid them.

However, the results of the investigation were not very desirable.

Other casinos coveted Feng Hua Gambling House, but they didn’t dare to openly be in conflict with Bao Hua Gambling House. Therefore, there were no big moves from any of them.

As for outsiders, it was even more impossible. The status of a businessman was rather sensitive. If it were an outsider, it would be impossible not to attract attention, but during this time, there were no news or rumors circulating the capital, so this theory could be ruled out.

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So it was neither another gambling house, nor an outsider’s work.

Luo Yang’s expression couldn’t help but sink. Could Zhang Tian Zhong really be lying to him?

“Sir Luo.” The manager came up to him.

Luo Yang glanced at him. “What’s the matter?”

The manager replied, “Sir Luo, since nothing could be found we might as well send someone to monitor Zhang Tian Zhong. If he is lying, it will be revealed sooner or later. If he is telling the truth, the mysterious figure may come into contact with him again. We can follow the lead then.”

Luo Yang clapped a hand on the table, his eyes sullen: “This matter will be handed over to you. I will wait a few more days. If I find out that Zhang Tian Zhong is playing me, I will make him pay!”



– Imperial Fu Palace –

When Fu Wu Tian returned, An Zi Ran told him about the matter with Feng Hua Gambling House. His foundation in the capital was still unstable, and there weren’t many people that he knew. He didn’t want others to know that it was him who had bought Feng Hua Gambling House. So he had to turn to Fu Wu Tian for help about renovating the building.

“It’s a shame that Guan Su is not in Jun Zi City right now. Otherwise, we can look for him.” After listening to An Zi Ran, Fu Wu Tian thought of his capable and efficient Guan Su.

An Zi Ran arched an eyebrow. “That’s right, about the matter with the seeds, how goes the search?”

Fu Wu Tian walked with him inside and said, “There is still no news. The hemp whatever you spoke of is not recorded in books. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s not easy to seek it out.”

An Zi Ran nodded. He knew that it was not easy. In his original time and space, it seemed that cottonseeds came from abroad. Whether he was not sure about this time and space, if he could not find it in the end, he could only find another way.

The next day, Fu Wu Tian moved very quickly, and by afternoon he had found a craftsman for him.

Then, the people on the casino strip found out that the closed down Feng Hua Gambling House was being opened. The cold facade suddenly had a group of people coming in and out, and the sound of banging and knocking continued to come out from the building. The curious people walked over and saw that it was being renovated.

Everyone thought that Zhang Tian Zhong finally caved and sold the casino to Bao Hua Gambling House.

Because the distance between the two gambling houses was not far, the matter of Feng Hua Gambling house was quickly spread to Luo Yang’s ears. He was so angry that he broke an entire tea set.

Zhang Tian Zhong really did not lie!

“I really have to see what kind of person it is that dares to fight against Bao Hua Gambling House!”

Luo Yang stood beside the opened window and looked towards Feng Hua Gambling House’s location. His gaze was very forceful. Originally, he had assured his master that he would be able to get Feng Hua Gambling House. But now someone else was a step ahead of him. This would make him lose face before his master. It was impossible for him not to be angry!

The manager standing behind him trembled with fear as he wiped his cold sweat. It had been a long time since he had seen Sir Luo this angry.

“Sir Luo, what should the next step be?”

The manager hesitated for a while, but still took the initiative to speak.

If they couldn’t get Feng Hua Gambling House, they wouldn’t be able to explain to their master.

Luo Yang was silent for a moment. “Investigate!”

Since Zhang Tian Zhong was hired as the manager, An Zi Ran wouldn’t let him be idle. He handed over the matter of renovation to him. He didn’t like the original configuration of the casino, so he personally drew up a blueprint for the interior of the gambling house. Shao Fei then handed over the blueprints to Zhang Tian Zhong. In order to finish up renovations quickly, they hired a lot of craftsmen.

The people waiting to see the silhouette of the casino have gone cross-eyed.

Bao Hua Gambling House would never have hired Zhang Tian Zhong. And Zhang Tian Zhong could not possibly have the money to renovate the gambling house. So what could be going on?

Only after investigating did the people find out.

A mysterious man intercepted Bao Hua Gambling House and bought up Feng Hua Gambling House first. Not only that, but the other party also hired Zhang Tian Zhong as the manager!

This incident was like a hurricane blowing up in the capital, and the news spread immediately. It was more sensational than the talent selection for the emperor’s harem. Many people were watching the attitude of Bao Hua Gambling House, especially those who knew the background of Bao Hua Gambling House. They all knew that things would not be settled like this.

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