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The Big Landlord 88.2

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Chapter 88.2 – Drawing

Qiu Lan was just approaching but the little bun had already spread his arms wide and was rushing to throw himself into An Zi Ran’s embrace.

An Zi Ran quickly caught him.

As soon as he landed in his big brother’s arms, the little bun started to laugh. His giggling laughter filled the room, causing the adults to smile.
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An Zi Ran held the soft bundle. He had never thought that he would have such a small younger brother. In the blink of an eye, he was almost eight months old. When he first came to this world, the little bun was only a month old.

Qiu Lan smiled and said, “Young Master, the second young master can already sit up by himself. He can also crawl, and also hold onto things and stand up himself. When he falls he doesn’t cry. He’s very strong.”

An Zi Ran felt very gratified when he heard this. With his hands underneath he little bun’s armpits, he lifted him up. “Little Bun, say ge ge*.”

[*T/N: ge ge means “big brother,” but the syllables are easier to say in Chinese.]

The little bun gave a silly smile. He kicked his small short legs in the air.

An Zi Ran once again held the little bun close to his chest, and said to Qiu Lan, “Starting from tomorrow, bring him to the dining room to eat with us.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

After holding the little bun for a while, An Zi Ran handed him over to Qiu Lan. As if knowing that his brother was about to leave, the little bun’s two small chubby paws grabbed tightly onto An Zi Ran’s clothes and would not let go. He started to sob, tears brewed up and rolled quickly down his chubby face.

Chun Lan snickered, “Young Master, it seems that the second young master is really reluctant to let you go.”

When Chun Lan finished speaking, Qiu Lan gave her a cutting glance.

An Zi Ran couldn’t bring him back to his room, he could only coax the child, temporarily transferring his attention away using some toys, and finally he managed to get out.

Returning to the bedroom, Fu Wu Tian had already freshened up.
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After taking a bath, An Zi Ran wanted to go to the study room to continue to mull over the five drawings that were not drawn. As a result, before he could make it to the threshold, he was despotically kidnapped by Fu Wu Tian to the bed.

“Today, you’ve already painted for the whole afternoon. At night, the dim lighting is not good for your eyes. Rest now, and continue tomorrow.” Fu Wu Tian squeezed him to the inner side of the bed.

An Zi Ran no longer cared if he slept on the inside or the outside. Before, it was to guard against Fu Wu Tian. Now the two of them trust one another fully, so there was no need; inside of the bed or outside of the bed, both were fine.

Speaking of the dim lighting at night, it was indeed a bit of a hassle.

The light of a candle was not like the incandescent light of the twenty-first century, even at night, things could look as bright as the day. The candlelight was dim and not suitable for reading books unless you wanted myopia.

An Zi Ran thought about it and felt that that was correct. In this time and space if one got myopia there was no cure for it. There was no such thing as laser eye surgery. Furthermore, he still had no clue how to go about those five drawings. If he went to the study he would only be confused. But…

“Can you remove your hand from my leg?” An Zi Ran could feel Fu Wu Tian’s hand touching him here and there. It was almost to the point that his little brother wanted to stand up. Finally he couldn’t help but speak up.

Fu Wu Tian’s reaction was to bow his head and give him a kiss on the lips. “No!”

There was a hard object pressed up against An Zi Ran’s leg. There’s no need to speak to know what that thing was. Without thinking, he refused. “No, I still have a lot of things to do tomorrow.” If he tossed around with him now, then he might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, this prince doesn’t need to go out, I can help you.”

At first, An Zi Ran wanted to refuse, but then he thought about it. Maybe he really could get Fu Wu Tian to help with the drawings. Just didn’t know if he could draw. “You can draw?”

Upon hearing this sentence, Fu Wu Tian knew that he was beginning to soften. He rubbed his nose intimately against An Zi Ran’s cheek. One hand began to touch around inside An Zi Ran’s clothes. “Of course!”


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That night, An Zi Ran came four times.

Fu Wu Tian only came twice. Each time he would toss An Zi Ran about for a long time before releasing.

The next day, everyone in the prince’s palace knew that they were accustomed to getting up early, but this time they slept until noon before getting up.

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