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The Big Landlord 90.2

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Chapter 90.2 – In Love

Ge Qian An heard that wang fei was looking for him and went to the study room.

When he heard footsteps, An Zi Ran guessed who it was and did not raise his head. “Did Miss Zhong Yue leave already?”

Ge Qian An’s eyelid jumped. He kept feeling like there was some deep meaning in wang fei’s words. He thought about it and then replied, “She already left. Don’t know what wang fei is looking for this soldier for?”

An Zi Ran finally looked up and stared at him with a calm expression. He said, “Think of some ways to help me look for a few craftsmen with good hands. It would be best to find some craftsmen who are good at making small objects. Also, get some cattle bones or ivory. The more the better.”

Ge Qian An remembered the orders one by one. Just as he turned around and was preparing to leave, An Zi Ran’s words – which seemed to have a deep and rich meaning – entered his ears.

“When there’s free time, you can invite Miss Zhong Yue to the prince’s palace more often.”

Ge Qian An went stiff. If before he still had doubts, then now he was certain that wang fei knew about that matter. He just didn’t know what he was thinking. Could it be that wang fei is planning to do something to Zhong Yue?

Ge Qian An slowly turned around. “Wang fei, Zhong Yue is…”

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An Zi Ran laughed lightly, “Vice General Ge, don’t be nervous. I know that Miss Zhong Yue likes wang ye, but it is a one-sided love, right?”

Ge Qian An’s grim expression finally revealed a complicated look. “This subordinate can guarantee to wang fei that Zhong Yue will never hinder the relationship between you and wang ye. Wang ye will also never accept Zhong Yue’s feelings of love, so I ask that you let Zhong Yue go.”

An Zi Ran said, “What are you saying, Vice General Ge? Miss Zhong Yye is the wang ye’s capable subordinate, how could I make things difficult for him? If wang ye likes her, he would’ve accepted her long ago, and not wait until now. Except that, this kind of feeling should be resolved as soon as possible, so as to not waste her time.”

Ge Qian An hesitated a moment, cupped his hands in salute, and said, “Many thanks for wang fei’s concern. This subordinate will pass it on to her. If there is nothing else, then this subordinate will leave first.”

Very quickly, there was only one person left in the study room.

An Zi Ran leaned back in the chair, touched his nose, and let out a low and shallow laugh.

Steward Zhou, who had come to deliver a cup of hot tea, heard his laughter from outside the door. Don’t know why, but suddenly he couldn’t help but shiver.


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At the palace, Fu Wu Tian came out from the royal study.

Eunuch Wang Ping followed from behind. Fu Wu Tian was backlit by the setting sun, casting a long shadow. The eunuch squinted as he called, “Wang ye, take care*!”

[*T/N: 慢走 man zou: literal meaning is “go slowly” or “walk slowly.” Said to a departing guest as a courtesy phrase.]

Fu Wu Tian slightly turned his head and looked at him with a condescending eye.

When Wang Ping met his gaze, he couldn’t control the shiver of cold that went through his heart. When he looked over again, Fu Wu Tian had already stridden away. His black clothes embroidered with gold thread flapped in the wind; accompanied by an indifferent and low pressure. The head eunuch couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

What a pity! Ah, what a pity!

Wang Ping sighed in his heart. Then he turned and walked back.

“Whoa, isn’t this the jun wang?”

Fu Wu Tian passed through the corridor and was just about to step down the steps, when all of a sudden a voice of surprise came from the side. It seemed to carry a hint of schadenfreude. Every person could hear the ill will in that voice.

Fu Wu Tian turned his head and saw the first prince, Fu Yuan Wu. The person who had spoken was him. Next to him there was an old man with a quiet face, who exuded shrewdness inside and out. This person was the current prime minister, the head of a hundred officers, Zhang Sun Cheng De. At this moment, a pair of astute eyes landed on his person.

Speaking of it, there were some small grudges between them.

Since Fu Wu Tian killed Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong, Fu Yuan Wu gave up on the idea of pulling him to his side. Not to mention, his imperial father wanted to take away this person’s military power, so why should he throw himself in muddy waters?

Moreover, Fu Wu Tian had no intention of working with them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have not hesitated at all when killing the people working for him and his maternal grandfather. Their lost at Hong Province wasn’t just simply losing Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong. The gifts that they received from Hong Province accounted for a large portion every year.

Although Fu Wu Tian stopped, he stood with his hands clasped behind his back, looking very cool, and he did not speak.

His gaze was very sharp. His features were also like a statue, sharp and clear cut. When he looked at other people calmly, that expression face could often give people goose bumps.

At this moment, this was the feeling that Fu Yuan Wu got, but he did not want to admit that he was scared by Fu Wu Tian’s imposing manner, so he refused to take a step back, until Zhang Sun Cheng De saw that his grandson was reaching the limit and took the initiative to break the silence.

“It’s been a long time, has jun wang been well?”

Fu Wu Tian spared a glance for Zhang Sun Cheng De, who looked similar to an old Buddhist monk. This man was exactly the definition of an old fox. Unfortunately, his grandson did not inherit his astuteness.

“Thank you for asking. All is well with this prince.”

Fu Yuan Wu snorted.

Fu Wu Tian looked at him for a moment, with eyes that seemed like they were smiling yet not smiling. “This prince still has important matters to attend to. Prime Minister, First Prince, farewell.”

Only after Fu Wu Tian was far away did Fu Yuan Wu curse out loud.

Zhang Sun Cheng De looked at his grandson and finally shook his head. If Yuan Wu could be half as good as Fu Wu Tian, he would not have to worry about him.

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