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The Big Landlord 91.1

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Chapter 91.1 – To Seize Military Power

July was a hot month. Everybody’s thick clothes have already been changed into thin shirts. The sun was setting in the yard, but it did not bring the people within the room even a little bit of dryness and heat.

The eight-month-old little bun with pouty cheeks crawled into the room from the doorway. The floor was covered with a layer of carpet, so there was no need to worry about rubbing the child’s hands and knees raw. The little bun’s discerning eyes lit up with excitement when they landed on the person who was lying on the recliner with closed eyes. As the little bun got closer he began to crawl faster.

Just as he was about to touch the clothing hem of the person lying on the recliner, a pair of big hands suddenly came out from behind him and picked him up.

The little bun immediately waved his four limbs and started crying out, seeming very unwilling that he missed the opportunity to grab onto his big brother in that short distance.

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The person who picked him up turned him around.

One big, one small, two pairs of black eyes looked upon one another.

The little bun blinked his eyes, revealing a confused and ignorant expression.

Fu Wu Tian used one hand to hold the little bun. His palm was very big. It wasn’t a problem for the little bun to sit comfortably on it. “Hey little guy, don’t disturb your brother’s sleep.”

The little bun cocked his head to the side. He couldn’t understand!

Fu Wu Tian did not expect him to really understand, and reached out with his fingers as if to pinch his small mouth. Who knew that the little bun would unexpectedly open his mouth and clamp onto a finger to suck it. Before he could do anything, the little steamed bun was taken away. Fu Wu Tian looked up and saw his wang fei with furrowed brows.

“Don’t let him suck on fingers.”

An Zi Ran spoke while wiping off the saliva that dribbled out from the corners of the small bun’s mouth.

As soon as the little bun perceived the familiar arms around him, his little face became very excited. The two small paws immediately pulled on his brother’s clothes and he snuggled into his brother’s arms.

An Zi Ran was afraid that the child might fall, so he sat back down on the recliner. Just as he sat down, Fu Wu Tian took the squirming little bun away. An Zi Ran immediately said, “Be careful not to hurt him.”

Fu Wu Tian sat the little bun on his lap.

An Zi Ran saw that the little bun was not crying and let him do as he pleased. Furthermore, it was quite comical to watch a man so big hold onto a bun so small.

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“How did you get back so fast? What did the emperor call you for?”

“It was about the matter with Chang Province.”

It has been almost two months since the disaster in Chang Province broke out. In the past, the people would be in disarray with no means of getting by, but that was no longer the case now. The preparations for the counties in Chang Province were being carried out in an orderly manner under the leadership of Fu Wu Tian’s subordinates. There were even some projects already completed by now. All these credits naturally belonged to the person in charge, Fu Wu Tian.

As the people’s support of Fu Wu Tian grew higher and higher, even if the Chong Ming Emperor wanted to ignore it, he could not. So he summoned Fu Wu Tian this morning to talk about this matter.

An Zi Ran listened, unconcerned. “How is he going to reward you?”


When An Zi Ran asked this, Fu Wu Tian returned with a word that carried a meaningful tone, as if something had changed.

An Zi Ran looked at him in confusion. “What?”

Fu Wu Tian lowered his head and pinched the pink cheek of the small bun. Before the little bun could cry out, he loosened up. Then he replied, “That old codger was surprisingly smart this time.”

When An Zi Ran heard this, he sat up straight at once.

The emperor summoned Fu Wu Tian to see him. On the surface it was to reward him for his merits in governing Chang Province, but in reality, he was still trying to take back the military power in his hands. And this time, his means were cleverer than before. Most likely, someone had given him advice.

Fu Wu Tian was already a member of royalty – moreover, he was a wang ye – so there was no higher position that could be awarded. Therefore, his merits could only be noted down and rewarded with some money.

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The Chong Ming Emperor kept remembering the wealth that Fu Wu Tian confiscated from the corrupt officials in Hong Province. Although Fu Wu Tian spent most of his money on Chang Province, he always thought that his nephew had hidden more than half of it, so his so-called reward was that confiscated wealth.

In this way, the people would think that despite Fu Wu Tian spending so much money on them, there was actually still a lot left. Thus they would not be able to guess that the emperor was actually targeting Fu Wu Tian. However, in order to make the play more realistic, the emperor also drew up a decree.

The purpose of the decree was to say that Fu Wu tian has been guarding the empire of Da Ya for more than ten years, protecting the land from invasion by neighboring countries, and thus rewarded him some things, but this was only a gimmick. The real purpose came after.

The prestige of Fu Wu Tian’s moniker as the God of War had already spread to other countries, so there have been very few wars in recent years. The empire of Da Ya could be considered to be peaceful and prosperous.

In order to be ‘considerate’ towards him, the emperor decided to let Fu Wu Tian take a long vacation. He could stay in Jun Zi City and spend some happy times with his family. The implication was that Fu Wu Tian should hand over the military power.

“You handed it over?” An Zi Ran watched him fixedly.

Something flashed in Fu Wu Tian’s eyes. Then he said very simply, “Of course I have to hand it over. If I don’t, that old codger will keep thinking about this prince everyday.”

An Zi Ran figured out his intention with a single guess.

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