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The Big Landlord 91.2

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Chapter 91.2 – To Seize Military Power

Da Ya’s military power has been in the hands of the Fu father and son pair for thirty, forty years. If not ten out of ten, then at least eight out of ten soldiers were loyal to the father and son. Therefore, even if the emperor recovered the military power and Fu Wu Tian did not hold the seal of command, he was still the God of War of Da Ya.
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The Chong Ming Emperor merely took back the physical seal of command, but the hearts of the people could not be recovered.

“So that means you don’t have to go to war anymore,” An Zi Ran stated calmly. He had long since expected this kind of result. The emperor had his heart set on taking back Fu Wu Tian’s military power. Even if they could avoid him once or twice, they could not avoid him forever.

Fu Wu Tian picked up the little bun and put him into his arms. At the same time, his handsome face appeared directly in front of him. “Correct, therefore, wang fei, from now on we can be together every single day.”

An Zi Ran pushed his head away.

Fu Wu Tian countered by capturing his wrist. Then he bowed his head and planted a light kiss on the back of his hand.


An Zi Ran looked down. The little bun sat within his arms and looked up. Those black eyes looked at him curiously. An Zi Ran’s expression immediately turned black.

Fu Wu Tian chuckled. “But following this, there is still a hard battle to fight. That old codger won’t let this prince stay peacefully in the capital. He will definitely find an excuse to make me leave here.”

An Zi Ran arched an eyebrow at him.

“There aren’t that many members in Da Ya’s royal family, especially in the previous generation. All together, there were only the previous emperor and my father, the two of them. The previous emperor was sympathetic to my father’s contributions to Da Ya, so when he was still on the throne, he bequeathed a piece of land with verdant hills and limpid waters to my father for a fiefdom. That place is called Ali Xiang. It is far away from the imperial city, and it is remote. Once there, a lot of things would be beyond one’s reach and influence.”
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An Zi Ran muttered to himself for a while. “The previous emperor’s intention should be to let your father live a happy and peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle in his retirement years.”

Fu Wu Tian nodded. “Correct. This prince is a member of the royal family. If he wants to make this prince leave, he only has to follow the example of the previous emperor.”

An Zi Ran looked up at him. “When do you think he will start to make a move?”

“Not in the short run.” Fu Wu Tian said with certainty.

The emperor definitely would not give him a good piece of land, but his military merits were outstanding. Right now, there were many people who paid attention to him. At this time, it was not good to make a move. Otherwise, the people would think that the emperor was suppressing the hero. So he will wait for a while. He will wait for the day when the people no longer mention him so frequently.

An Zi Ran’s brows relaxed. As long as it was not during this time period, it would have no effect on his plans.

Ge Qian An was very efficient. The following day he was able to find the people and things that he wanted.

There were a lot of skilled craftsmen in Jun Zi City. Ge Qian An specially invited five of the best craftsmen.

As for the bones and ivory, bovine bones were more common. Within one day, he managed to gather everything into a cart. The ratio of ivory to bones was not even one to two, but An Zi Ran was already very satisfied. He wouldn’t be using ivory for a while, so the collection of ivory could be done slowly. As for bovine bones, the amount that he wanted done was not a trifle.

An Zi Ran arranged the five craftsmen in a spacious yard.

The five craftsmen knew that they were going to be working for the Imperial Fu Palace. At first there was some trembling within their hearts, after all, everyone knew that it wasn’t easy to serve the royal family, but they did not expect that the person who would meet them was a handsome teenager, not only was he not arrogant, he also gave them a high wage, thus the five craftsmen were set at ease.
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An Zi Ran passed an order that the craftsmen were not to be disturbed, so the servants of the palace only knew that there were five craftsmen knocking and beating inside, but they did not know what they were doing for several days.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye.

It was finally the agreed upon time between An Zi Ran and the owner of the engraving workshop, Li Zhen. This time, the one accompanying him was just the one Fu Wu Tian.

Li Zhen was already waiting for them.

Everything that An Zi Ran wanted him to do was already done, and it was not just one set. It was placed in the wooden box that was at his side.

When Li Zhen heard the workers announcing An Zi Ran’s arrival, he personally went out to greet him, but when he saw Fu Wu Tian, his expression became stunned, because he had previously seen with his own eyes the image of the God of War returning to the capital. He could still remember that scene to this day.

Li Zhen trembled and immediately knelt. “This little person* pays respects to wang ye.”

[*T/N: 小人 xiao ren – this is a humble first person pronoun. The literal meaning is “small or little person.” It can be translated as “person of low social status” which is most appropriate for this scenario, or used in a derogatory way to mean “villain” or “nasty person,” usually when one person is talking bad about another person.]

The workers who stood on the side were all scared silly by his actions, completely unable to react at all.

Fu Wu Tian didn’t think that this little workshop owner was a tactful person, able to recognize him at a glance. “Get up, Boss Li.”

Li Zhen stood up in a hurry. He had already guessed who An Zi Ran was. Not too long ago, the fact that the jun wang had taken a male wife was very sensational news. Even now, it was still a hot topic of discussion for many people, because very few people have seen the Fu wang fei’s true face, so occasionally there would be people discussing Fu wang fei’s appearance.

Because the rumors were that Fu wang fei was ugly.

The one who said this was supposedly someone from the Fu wang fei’s hometown. He said that Fu wang fei was the son of a landlord in a small county. His status was not high, and he was also a big ugly fat boy. After the rumor circled around a few times, everyone believed it to be true.

Li Zhen also believed it at the time. Now he knew how untrustworthy the rumors were. That rumor was simply a pit for people to fall into. If the rumored Fu wang fei was ugly, then there was no beauty under the sun.

The person standing in front of him was clearly a handsome and unparalleled youth. It was just that his indifferent temperament was enough to leave many people behind. How could such a person be a big ugly fat boy!

The person who said that Fu wang fei was ugly must have been jealous, or perhaps his brain was kicked in by a donkey.

Li Zhen could not have known that he had wrongly accused that person. The An Zi Ran that that person had seen was indeed a big ugly fat boy and not the An Zi Ran that had lost weight.

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