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The Big Landlord 94.1

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Chapter 94.1 – Worker

Bao Hua Gambling House

Because they couldn’t find the mastermind that was obstructing them, Luo Yang’s temper was a bit violent these days. A few days ago his master had asked him about the situation and was very unsatisfied that he had yet to acquire Feng Hua Gambling House.
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Luo Yang was also anxious, but the investigation results have been unsatisfactory. He thought that the man behind the scenes would show up at least once. As long as he could see that person, he had the confidence that he could find that man in Jun Zi City. But that person was like evaporated smoke. Even the gambling house was handed over to Zhang Tian Zhong.

That person trusted Zhang Tian Zhong that much?

Luo Yang thought that the mastermind must be someone that Zhang Tian Zhong knew.

So he followed this hunch to investigate, unfortunately, he still guessed wrong. If Zhang Tian Zhong knew such a person, they would not have so easily defeated his Feng Hua Gambling House.

In the end, the problem returned to the original point.

“Mr. Luo, why don’t we send people to sneak into the gambling house? Maybe there will be clues inside.” Manager Li saw him walking around with a look of irritability on his face. This was the first time he saw Luo Yang with such an expression, so he proposed an idea.

“No!” Luo Yang thought about it and denied the proposal. “They must have precautions against that. If we rush to send in someone and get caught, it will cause trouble to the master. Then you and I will all be finished.”

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Once Manager Li imagined their master getting angry, he immediately dismissed the notion.

Luo Yang narrowed his long and slim eyes and stared into the corner for a long time. Out of the blue, he slammed his fist against the table, his eyes revealing a shadow of ruthlessness. “Since we cannot get any results from our investigations, then we also shouldn’t let them have it easy. Someone who dares to snatch something directly from Bao Hua Gambling House should also be aware of this.”

After Luo Yang said those words, on the evening of the same day, five sneaky figures appeared outside of Tian Long Gambling House. They held a bucket of diesel in their hands and waited until very late. When there was almost no more people on the streets, they went to pour the diesel on Tian Long Gambling House’s front door.

Before they could even complete the first step, four of them were knocked out cold by a black shadow.

The moonlight reflected off of an ordinary face with no expression. The moonlight was very pale and made the person seem like a ghost. The fifth person screamed and fell into a dead faint.

The next day, there was a fire in Bao Hua Gambling House’s back courtyard.

Fortunately, the fire was not very big and it was discovered early, so no one was hurt, but some things were damaged. The cause of the fire was not found.

After that, Bao Hua Gambling House no longer sought trouble with Tian Long Gambling House, but no one knew the reason why.


Imperial Fu Palace

An Zi Ran decided to open a shop that specialized in carving small playthings. He came to this decision after seeing the results of the five artisans.

The skills of these artisans that Ge Qian An had found were indeed good. Every piece was polished very smooth; both the edges and corners were very round. The patterns on the surfaces were all hand-cut. Although the cost was a bit high and the carving had to be discarded if there was a mistake, he was very satisfied overall.

Gong zi, take a look and see if there’s anything else that needs to be adjusted.”

The middle-aged craftsman, who was pushed forward by the other four as their spokesperson, went to An Zi Ran and inquired carefully. They still didn’t know the true identity of An Zi Ran, and they didn’t know that the place they were standing in was the Imperial Fu Palace, because when Ge Qian An brought them in, they had went in through the back door.

An Zi Ran looked at their nervous expressions and said lightly, “You have done a good job. Except for some small errors, there are basically no big problems.”

The five craftsmen let out a sigh of relief.

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When they first saw this boy, they knew that he was definitely not an ordinary person, so the five of them did not dare to do a half-hearted job. During this time, they were very dedicated, and strove to make sure that there were no mistakes on the finished products.

It was a bit boring, but in their line of work, carving was a boring thing, so they were used to it, and boredom did not matter.

Steward Zhou, who was standing off to the side, handed over five heavy money bags as per An Zi Ran’s instructions.

The five people’s hands spasm, and a few of them nervously received the pouch of money. Some rich people were harsh, so they did not have any wild hopes of getting a lot of money.

With this thought in mind, the five of them opened the bags to see three strings of coins* within, and they were instantly stunned.

[*T/N: 贯 guan: string of 1000 cash]

Because Jun Zi City was an imperial city, the living standards of the people were better than other places, but no matter how good, their monthly salary was still only about three strings of coins. They only worked for half a month, but the youth gave them a month’s worth of salary. The five of them could not believe it.

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