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The Big Landlord 97.2

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Chapter 97.2 – Casino Open for Business

The day that everyone was looking forward to…

It was finally here.

September 1st was a very auspicious day for opening a new business.

Almost eighty percent of the gamblers in Jun Zi City flocked to Tian Long Gambling House.

Rumors of the new game spread from one to ten, from ten to a hundred, and from a hundred to a thousand. Finally, the rumors were determined to be true. As a result, everyone went crazy for it and the street was blocked up.
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On the first day of Tian Long Gambling House’s opening, the entire casino was full of people, leaving a lot of people waiting at the doors, unable to get in. Among them, asides from gamblers, there were also those who didn’t gamble but were very curious. It could be seen that the new gambling game attracted not only gamblers.

Gong zi.”

Da Hei looked at the crowd in front of him and his scalp was numb. He just realized that there were so many people in Jun Zi City. He also saw that some people couldn’t squeeze in, were pushed down, and then stepped on a few times, looking like they were on their last breath. Despite his martial arts, he already wanted to beat a hasty retreat.

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The handsome man did not expect that there would be so many people, but since he was already here, then he was not going to shrink back. And it wasn’t easy for him to come out, so how could he go back with regret!

“Da Hei, go!”

Da Hei had a face full of black lines. Gong zi, your subordinate is a person, not an animal, he thought.

Nevertheless, the master gave a command; naturally the subordinate dared not disobey.

So, with the sacrificial spirit of one ready to be trampled into a pancake, Da Hei went into the crowd to open up a way for his family’s gong zi. Fortunately, he was physically fit. Even after multiple people had stepped on his feet, he still advanced bravely to the front doors of Tian Long Gambling House, and in the end, he safely delivered his family’s gong zi to the destination place.

“Da Hei, you have worked hard.” The handsome man smiled and patted his loyal dog guard. Then he walked into Tian Long Gambling House under the envious eyes of others.

The gambling house had a unique style. The handsome man who had just entered took in the layout of the place at once and his eyes flashed with obvious surprise.

From the outside, once could guess that the interior of Tian Long Gambling House was not small, but it was really shocking to actually see it, because what appeared in front of them was a huge space. It wasn’t just a two-story structure, but a three-story building. On both the left and right side were long and broad staircases. Looking up, one could clearly see the walkways for the second and third floor, as if enticing them to explore the mysterious inside.

Gong zi, this Tian Long Gambling House is very unusual.”

It was also Da Hei’s first time seeing a gambling house of this structure, which was full of modern elements. An Zi Ran had spent a lot of energy designing the interior space of the gambling house.

The first floor of Tian Long Gambling House was different from other casinos. There was no gambling room. There was only a spacious lobby. Whether it was someone standing upstairs or downstairs, one could clearly see all the people coming in and going out.

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Almost all the people who came in were amazed by this design. One by one, they couldn’t wait to walk up the stairs. Now, whether there was a new gambling game or not, they felt that this trip was still worth it. Being able to play inside this kind of casino full of freshness; it felt better than playing at other casinos.

The handsome man and his subordinate walked towards the second floor along with the flow of people.

They didn’t rush to play like everyone else, but looked at each room along the corridor. They didn’t know how big the space inside the private rooms was, but outside each private room was a sign with the name of a gambling game written on it.

There were dices, dominoes, etc., as well as gambling games that they have never heard of, such as the Fight the Landlord game in front of them.

This name was particularly interesting. Most people who saw this would think of the big and small landowners that hold a lot of farmland in Da Ya, but don’t know if this was the same as what they were thinking.

Gong zi, would you like to go in and take a look?”

Da Hei stared at the door of the private room as if anxiously waiting to go in, and couldn’t help but ask out loud.

The handsome man glanced at him. “Look at you, so interested.”

Even Da Hei who never gambled was attracted. This Tian Long Gambling House was really extraordinary. He was also very interested, but it must be full of people. He was not interested in crowding with a group of men.

Da Hei was a little disappointed.

The two continued to walk deeper inside.

The owner of the casino seemed to have anticipated this situation, so there were more than one private room set up in the casino, but each one was full of people, very lively, just standing at the door and one could feel the atmosphere of many people inside.

The two walked to the end of the corridor.

Da Hei turned around and wanted to go back, but his family’s gong zi suddenly stood still and stared at the red carved door in the corner. The door was carved beautifully.

Gong zi, why is there a door here?” Da Hei asked in amazement. He hadn’t seen it just now.

The handsome man was also in doubt, and when he heard what he said, he looked at him silent and said, “You ask this gong zi, then who should this gong zi ask? If you want to know, go and see.”

Da Hei’s speech choked off.

Gong zi, do you not notice that you’re exposing more and more of your arrogant personality? If some people saw this, then they would definitely be shocked.

The handsome man walked over and gently opened the door after speaking — the door to the new century?

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