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The Big Landlord 99.1

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Chapter 99.1 – Portrait

Two days later, news of Tian Long Gambling House’s membership program has already spread among the upper class of Jun Zi City.

Along with the exposure of the membership system, there was also the existence of the small garden. In order to increase the bargaining power, An Zi Ran also spread word that there were new gambling games in the small garden.

He had planned this long ago.

If it were just a normal discount, the upper crust of Jun Zi City would certainly not be taken in. If that were the case, then Tian Long Gambling House might really crash and burn, just like the other nine gambling houses had guessed, but with the additional attraction of new gambling games, then things were different.

Within the capital, everyone now knew how popular the card games at Tian Long Gambling house was.

The customers who were attracted to the playing cards were not just those who often mingled with the gambling houses, but there were also some people who were not interested in gambling at all. Those types of people have also shown interest in the cards games. There were also some people who have never stepped into a casino before, but made an exception for Tian Long Gambling House.

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But this was just one of the reasons. What really made them set aside any ill feelings towards casinos was Tian Long Gambling House’s architectural structure.

The new casino not only had a spacious interior, but also unique and innovative designs. Each room was separated. Moreover, there were leafy green plants to contrast and enhance the interior design. It was completely different from other gambling houses, which gave off a foul atmosphere of billowing smoke and chaos, immediately ruining one’s mood.

Now, the existence of card games has spread throughout the capital. With that as a reference point, everyone couldn’t help but be curious about the new types of gambling games in the small garden.

The small garden were elegant and stylish, very novel, and also had fun games that other have never played. It just so happened to cater to those wealthy merchants and nobles who already have a son and wanted to pursue new interests and comforts. So the first day the membership system was announced, a dozen wealthy merchants obtained the gold card right away.

Because the casino just opened, in order to attract customers, An Zi Ran deliberately lowered the requirements. The gold card cost five hundred silvers and was good for one year. If people wanted to keep their membership after one year, then they had to pay another five hundred silvers.

The price sounded very expensive, but for most wealthy merchants in Jun Zi City, it was still within an acceptable range. If you wanted to ask which place had the most wealthy merchants, then that would be Jun Zi City. In addition, An Zi Ran had people spread the word that there would be discounts for gold and silver cards this year. Next year, the fee would be doubled.

The effect of this was undoubtedly significant.

By word of mouth, starting from the wealthy merchants who applied for the gold card on the first day, the mystery of the small garden gradually spread to senior officials and wealthy businessmen.

On the second day after the membership program started, the number of people applying for a gold card multiplied several times, and it continued to increase.

By the time the other gambling houses found out, they were already left behind in the dust.

Luo Yang finally couldn’t sit still anymore.

They still haven’t figured out the specifics of playing cards, and suddenly a small garden has appeared? Furthermore, not only could you not go in casually, but you also had to pay a fee of five hundred silvers every year. Wasn’t this just plain robbery?

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If this were the case before, they would never dare to imagine that so many people would be willing to spend this unjustifiable sum of money, but the fact has slapped them so badly that Tian Long Gambling House was indeed achieving great success. It has only opened for a few days, but their profits within that time could match them for a month’s worth of revenue.

“Master Luo, this is Tian Long Gambling House’s gold card.” Manager Li passed the card in his hand to Luo Yang with a somber face.

Luo Yang looked at this gold card and he couldn’t help but frown a bit. In order to obtain this card, he deliberately took out five hundred silvers. He wasn’t aching over that amount per se, but once he thought about how he had contributed five hundred silvers to Tian Long Gambling House, his heart felt very unpleasant.

The gold card was made from legitimate real gold. Apparently, the words written on the card also used real gold, and the appearance was elegant and stylish. It was impossible for ordinary people to easily imitate it. It really fitted the identity of some senior officials.

Some gambling houses were thinking of copying these gold cards and selling them under the name of Tian Long Gambling House to make money for themselves, but if they could think up this idea, then naturally An Zi Ran could think of it.

In addition to the name of the holder on the gold card, there was a corresponding small portrait on it. An Zi Ran specially painted these small portraits. The painting skills were very delicate, and most people could not imitate it.

But this was only one strategy.

What really left them at wit’s end were the customer records. Every card member of Tian Long Gambling House had a file. When they wanted to enjoy the benefits brought by the card, they must first confirm their identity. They could only enter if they passed. Otherwise, it was a counterfeit.

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Luo Yang turned around and looked at the man standing to the side of the door. He tossed him the gold card. “Jiang Sheng, the following matters will have to trouble you.”

When he said this, his attitude was obviously different from when he spoke to Manager Li, because Jiang Sheng was not his subordinate. It was just that the two of them served the same master, and Jiang Sheng had the same foresight and skills, so he was responsible for the gambling house’s security.

The portrait on the gold card was of Jiang Sheng himself.

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