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The Big Landlord – Character List

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The Main An Family (of the story)

An Zi Ran (MC)
An Chang Fu (father)
Liu Mei Xiang (mother)
An Yu Zhi (sister)
An Zi Ming (little bun baby brother)

An Family Concubines

Fang Jun Ping (2nd aunt)
An Qiao E (her daughter)
Zheng Bi (3rd aunt)
An Ke Xin (her daughter)
Wang Qing Lan (4th aunt)
Qi Qiao (her trusted maid)

An Family Servants & Workers

Chun Lan (maid, formerly Liu Mei Xiang’s personal maid)
Xia Lan (maid, formerly Liu Mei Xiang’s personal maid)
Qiu Lan (maid)
Dong Lan (maid)
Yue Ju (maid, takes care of An Zi Ming)
Cai Ju (maid, takes care of An Zi Ming)
Su Dan (trusted steward)
Su Zi (his son)
Manager Feng Zhang
Manager Liu
Xing Er (An Yu Zhi’s maid)
Qiao Er (An Yu Zhi’s maid)
Chef Wang

The Other An Family (of the story)

An Chang De (MC’s uncle)
Wu Zhi (his wife)
An Yao Zong (her son)
An Xue Yan (her daughter)
Zhang Wan Qin (An Chang De’s concubine)
An Ming Rui (her son)

Characters in An Yuan County

Wu Yun (Wu Zhi’s older sister)
Jiang Zhong Ting (Prefectural Magistrate of Yong Zhou, Wu Yun’s husband)
Qian You Hao (Jiang Zhong Ting’s trusted aide)

Characters in An Yuan County

County Magistrate Zhang (of An Yuan County)
Ye Yu a.k.a Xiao Ye / A Ye (paid by MC to monitor An Chang De and Wu Zhi)
Lin Xin (merchant, fat, proposed to An Ke Xin)
Liu Fei Hong (Prefectural Magistrate of Hong Province)
Zhou Lao Han & Wife (collaborating with AZR on a rice noodle shop)
Jiang Yu 姜玉 (named in c149.3, Zhou Lao Han’s wife)

Tong Tai County

Lin Xin 林鑫 (merchant, fat, proposed to An Ke Xin, devious)
Lian Xin 怜心 (second concubine)
Xiao Lu 小绿 (maid that serves the 4th concubine)

Imperial Family

Empress Dowager (reigning empress dowager, name unconfirmed)
Fu Chong a.k.a.
“Emperor Chong Ming” (Da Ya’s emperor)
Empress Rong Xian (emperor’s mother)
Zhang Sun Tian Feng (empress, mother of first prince)
Fu Yuan Wu (first prince)
Zhang Sun Cheng De (empress’s father, prime minister)
Zhang Sun Shao Qi (arrogant, sole scion of the Zhang Sun family, went from Zhang Sun Cheng De’s grandnephew to grandson)
Noble Consort Shi (Shi-guifei) (mother of second prince, came from outside of the capital)
Fu Yuan Cheng (second prince, his title cheng wang is conferred by emperor)
Imperial Noble Consort Yu (Yu-huangguifei) (mother of third prince)
Fu Yuan Yang (third prince)
Yu Bo Fei (Yu huang gui fei’s older brother, governor commander of the Yu family, father of Yu gui fei)
Yu Zheng (Yu huang gui fei’s father)
Consort Yun (Yun-fei) (mother of fifth prince, maternal family: Zhao, ancestors were founding generals)
Fu Yuan Jian (fifth prince, Fu Yuan Cheng’s most loyal brother and helper)
Zhao Gang (Yun fei’s father)
Zhao Yi (Yun fei’s little brother)
Fu Yuan Fan (sixth prince)
Da Hei (his personal bodyguard)
Consort Lan (Fu Yuan Fan’s mother)

Princess Zhao Hua (Zhao Hua-gongzhu) (a princess)
Mei-zhaoyi (remarkable beauty in the harem, the one who calmed emperor’s temper in the Imperial Study)
Ning Liu (her maid)
Consort Yan (Yan-fei) (beauty that made emperor crazy for her for a month) Wu Qi Si (named in c138.2)


Imperial Palace People

Eunuch Wang Ping (head eunuch)
Eunuch Le
Bao Zhu (Empress Dowager’s servant girl)
Zhu Cheng (emperor’s personal servant)
Wei Shun Qing (state preceptor, swindler, shady, the one behind Consort Yan/An Qiao E) Hao Ran (his Taoist name) “State Preceptor Hao Ran”

ML’s Household

Fu Feng Zheng (grandfather)
Dan Xue (grandmother)
Fu Xiao (father, the previous emperor’s nephew)
Fu Wu Tian (ML)

ML’s Subordinates

Ge Qian An
Guan Su (knowledgeable older brother type)
Shao Fei (excitable naïve younger brother type)
Zhong Yue (female soldier)

ML’s Servants

Steward Li
Xi Mei (maidservant)
Fu Yi (head steward, illegitimate son of ML’s grandfather)
Steward Zhou (vice-steward)

Characters in the Capital

Luo Yang (skilled dealer working for Bao Hua Gambling House)
Manager Li (works at Bao Hua Gambling House under Luo Yang, who he calls “Master Luo 罗爷”)
Jiang Sheng (Luo Yang’s co-worker, they serve the same master)
Zhao Zhong Lin (bribed by Luo Yang, he broke a printing contract with Li Zhen)
Zhang Tian Zhong (owner of Feng Hua Gambling House)
Li Zhen (boss of engraving workshop)
Zhuo Hai Tang (scholar, painter that MC hired for Tian Long Gambling House)
Gong Yun (deputy commander, Yu Bo Fei’s trusted aide)
Zhuo Tian Qi 卓天奇 “Elder Zhuo” 卓老 (c144.2, big shot leader of the Chamber of Commerce)
Hong-shi (c152.2, Zhuo Tian Qi’s wife)
—Zhuo Gao Sheng 卓高生 (c154.1, Zhuo Tian Qi’s first son)
—Zhuo Gao Ming (c151.1, second son)
     —Bao Xin Chun (c151.1, Zhuo Gao Ming’s wife)
—Zhuo Gao Qian 卓高乾 (c154.1 third son)
—Zhuo Gao Yan 卓高衍 (c154.1, youngest son, fourth son)
Zheng Jun Qi (c144.3, 26 y.o. woman, head of her family)
Pang Zhong (c150.1, Minister of the Ministry of Officials, old man, good at calligraphy)
Wan Xi Chuan (c150.1, a respected old man)

Ali Xiang

Xu Wei Ye (current village head of Ali Xiang)
—Yang Long (Xu Wei Ye’s trusted aide)
—Gao Long (one-eyed man, hired thug)

A-Qi (a literate farmer with 3 children)

Landlord Zhou, Zhou Shan (landlord of Bailian Xiang, in cahoots with Xu Wei Ye)

Zhou Ling Long (Zhou Shan’s younger sister, deaf and mute)
—Ling Zhi (a servant assigned to Zhou Ling Long by Xu Wei Ye, knows sign language)

Li He (c126.2)

Ta Li (a smart villager who accurately predicted that the Fu wangfu was going to take care of Xu Wei Ye, he’s low-key but his mom is a gossip)

Ha Si Mu (deputy mayor of Ali Xiang)


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