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The Big Landlord – Locations

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Da Ya Dynasty 大亚王朝 da ya wang chao (name of the empire/country)

Hong Province 红州 hong zhou (known as the land of rice)
–An Yuan County 安远县 an yuan xian (name of county the An family is located in)

Yong Province 永州 yong zhou (name of prefecture that Wu Yun lives in)

Jun Zi City 君子城 jun zi cheng (capital of Da Ya Dynasty)
–Xiao Jin Street 销金街 (red light district with casinos and brothels)
–Huai Zi River 淮子河 (the only river in the capital)

Chang Province 昌州 chang zhou
–Yi Ping Town 一平镇 yi ping zhen (place of constant natural disasters)

Maple City 枫城 feng cheng

Tong Tai County 同台县 (neighboring county to An Yuan County)

Ali Xiang 阿里乡 (land bequeathed to FWT’s father by previous emperor for a feudal fiefdom)

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