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The Strategy of Washing Clean a Slag Shou

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Yaoi

Summary (from NU)

Su Yang was bound to a ‘Slag Cleansing’ System, each world he went as a slag Shou that was rejected by the Gong. In order to return home as soon as possible, he began to work hard by counter-attacking the people who rejected him.

Later he found that these people who were supposed to have normal attributes going by the script were all abnormal. In the face of this rabid animal, Su Yang was forced to abuse his heart again and again.

Personal Thoughts [spoiler free]

With two translated arcs so far (at the time of writing this), the MC, Su Yang, is really carrying the story right now. Although it’s hard to discern his true personality since he has to play a different role in each world, so far he seems like a genuinely good person who is simply stuck in a bad situation. Maybe it’s because of how he has to play his characters in order to achieve the objective of each world, but he comes across as a pure individual who’s also a bit naive, thus making him a likable person that I want to root for. And that’s important, because I have very mixed opinions about the ML.

In the original version of each world, the ML was definitely the victim and deserves the audience’s pity. But once Su Yang enters the scene, the ML becomes a foil in the MC’s quest for character redemption. Thus, the ML becomes cast in a negative light. There’s no doubt that the ML truly cares for the MC once he falls in love, but his questionable actions lead to his own tragic suffering.

As a tragedy, I give this story high marks (especially the second arc), because I think the story is beautifully tragic, full of karmic retribution and due consequences caused by character flaws. I normally avoid tragedies like the plague, because I prefer more uplifting stories, but fast transmigration is a genre in which I can enjoy a beautifully written tragedy, because I know that a tragic end is not the final end. The MC (and ML) is still alive and will go on to write more tragic (or happy) stories.

The Scum Shou’s Survival Guide is another fast transmigration story that has some really beautiful and dramatic tragedies. Readers might find the MC of that story to be not as likable as Su Yang, but I think he is a interesting fellow.

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