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The Sword and The Brocade – Characters

Xu Family & Peripheral

Xu Lingyi – ML, 4th son of the family

Luo Shiyi – FL, main wife to ML

Yuanniang – ML’s previous main wife, FL’s older half sister, deceased 

Xu Lingkuan – ML’s younger brother, 5th son of the family

Princess Danyang – Lingkuan’s wife

Concubine Qin – was a servant that Madame Xu made into ML’s concubine

Concubine Wen – ML’s concubine, merchant family

Concubine Tong – ML’s concubine, deceased, was Yuanniang’s maid, tried to seduce ML

Qiao Lianfang – ML’s concubine

Xiuyuan – Lianfang’s personal maid

Mrs. Zhang – Lianfang’s nanny

Madame Xu – ML’s mother

Xiang Yizhen – ML’s 2nd sister-in-law, widow wife to Xu Ling’an

Xu Ling’an – ML’s older brother, 2nd son of the family, deceased

Fengqing / Xu Sijie – Xu Lingkuan’s illegitimate son from before his marriage

Yuemei – Fengqing’s mother

Marquis Dingnan – Princess Danyang’s father

Fu Linbo – a general, ML’s subordinate

Zhao Ying – ML’s subordinate

Xu Zhun – Yuanniang’s son

Xu Yu – Concubine Wen’s son

Mrs. Liu – head maid in charge of the Xu villa, bribed by Lianfang to harm FL

Steward Bai – helpful to ML and the Xu family


Luo Family & Peripheral

Madame Lu – FL’s biological mother, a concubine

Madame Luo – FL’s non-biological mother, the main wife

Old Master Luo – FL’s biological father

Luo Zhenxing – FL’s older half brother, nice guy

Erniang – FL’s older half sister, bitchy 

Wang Yu – Erniang’s husband, womanizer, abusive

Wuniang – FL’s older half sister, nice

Amber – maid that Madame Luo assigned to keep tabs on FL

Dongqing – FL’s personal maid


Ou Family

Marquis Jingyuan

Ou Lixing – son

Lin Shixian / Ou Yanxing – illegitimate son



Master Jian – FL’s embroidery teacher, works at Xianling Pavilion

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