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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 11

Episode 11

Shiyi can’t find any clues in the main Xu manor and wants to go to the Xu villa to check the old fabrics there. Serendipitously, Danyang meets a fortune teller who tells her to stay away from people born in the year of the ox during her pregnancy. [This smells like Lianfang’s doing again.] Shiyi – born in the year of the ox – happily agrees to go to the villa. 

After finding a clue, Shiyi goes out to meet Master Jian to consult her expertise. The head maid of the villa assigns two bodyguards to go with Shiyi. When Shiyi leaves Xianling Pavilion, the two guards are gone. An old woman tricks Shiyi and Dongqing away to a quiet place, and they are kidnapped.

This was all Lianfang’s plan to discredit Shiyi, because once a woman spends a night outside unaccounted for, people will assume she’s been defiled or is a loose woman.

[I think Amber really shone in this scene. She is restricted by her status in society, but she keeps calm and firm, and seeks help for Shiyi in a way that would be most beneficial to Shiyi. Master Jian and Shiyi’s older brother, Luo Zhenxing, were also MVPs. Zhenxing wanted to alert the authorities to find his little sister as quickly as possible because he’s genuinely concerned for her safety. Doing this however will alert everyone that Shiyi has been kidnapped and thus put her chastity into question. But he is ready to take care of her for life if the Xu family doesn’t want her anymore. Master Jian is aware that this is exactly what the kidnappers want to happen. Once Shiyi’s chastity is called into question, her status in the Xu family will become shaky and her days will be like living hell, so she cautions them not to go to the authorities just yet.]

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Lingyi returns from a long trip away and finds out that Shiyi was sent to the villa because of some superstitious fortune telling. He is incensed and insists on bringing her back right away. Lianfang pretends to be concerned about Shiyi, but she is secretly stirring up shit again. She tells them that Shiyi is with her maternal family, because she is too picky about the conditions of the villa. She accompanies Lingyi to the Luo manor in order to force them to admit that Shiyi is missing. Madame Luo saw through her schemes right away. [I dislike both Lianfang and Madame Luo, but it sure was satisfying to see Madame Luo put Lianfang in her place.]

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