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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 12

Episode 12 – Recap

Shiyi and Dongqing escape from their holding place and the kidnappers give chase. They run into Master Jian and Zhenxing halfway. The men that Zhenxing brought with him chase off the kidnappers and Shiyi is saved. Shiyi then pretends like she was strolling on the streets and gets Lingyi’s subordinates to escort her back to Luo manor.

On the carriage ride back to the Xu manor, Shiyi hints to Lingyi that there is something off about the two bodyguards assigned to her. She also points out how she should thank Lianfang for specifically accompanying Lingyi to come pick her up. Lingyi understands right away and promises to investigate the two bodyguards.

Back at the Xu manor, there is a sweet moment between Shiyi, Dongqing, and Amber. Shiyi thanks them for looking out for her, and gives them two hairpins from her dowry as a sign of her gratitude towards them.

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Lingyi scolds Lianfang for what happened with Shiyi and hints that he knows this was her doing.

Lianfang brings back a contaminated puppy and Xu Zhun gets infected with ringworms by playing with the puppy. She also told Xu Zhun to keep it a secret that he’s playing with the puppy. So everytime he gets better, he gets worse right away, because he keeps going back to the puppy and no one else knows this.

Madame Xu claims that Shiyi doesn’t know how to take care of children, because Xu Zhun got sick and banned her from taking care of him, effectively grounding her within her courtyard. Then she lets Lianfang take care of Xu Zhun.

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