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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 13

Episode 13 – Recap

Wuniang hears from her husband that Xu Zhun is sick. Knowing that this would make Shiyi’s days at the Xu manor bad, Wuniang decides to pay her a visit. She wants to bring a gift too, but finds out that her family’s money has been used up. Her husband brings up the idea of opening a dried fruits shop to earn extra income, and suggests partnering up with the Xu family through Shiyi. Wuniang agrees to ask, and offers to use the bird’s nest from her dowry as a gift.

Shiyi enlists the help of Xu Yu and finds out about the contaminated puppy. Wuniang visits at this time, so Shiyi exchanges clothes with her to sneak out of her courtyard (apropos of her being grounded). She finds and brings the puppy to Lingyi. The physician examines the puppy and confirms that it has tinea. Madame Xu tries to downplay the issue by saying Xu Zhun’s illness is an accident. The physician clearly looks like he wants to say something against that, but doesn’t. Lianfang is caught red handed, but tries to play innocent. She is let off the hook due to Madame Xu’s favoritism. 

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Under Shiyi’s care, Xu Zhun gets better. Even Madame Xu has to acknowledge this and return Xu Zhun’s care to Shiyi. This ends her grounding.

Lianfang pretends to be reflecting and repenting by praying for Xu Zhun’s wellness and not eating. She grows weak and Lingyi is forced to pay her a visit. Lianfang keeps playing innocent, but Lingyi gives her a warning instead and says he’ll drop the issue since Xu Zhun got better. He also asks after the whereabouts of Mrs. Liu and Lianfang says she’s been dismissed due to her negligence with Shiyi’s care.

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