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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 14

Episode 14 – Recap

Lingyi and Fu Linbo talk about the issue with Lianfang, the puppy, and Mrs. Liu. Fu Linbo swears to find Mrs. Liu no matter what so that they can find out exactly what transpired. 

Fu Linbo then reminds Lingyi to thank Shiyi for helping Xu Zhun recover. So Lingyi sents Zhao Ying to present a brocade-feather fan that he personally made to her. Zhao Ying tries to hint at Shiyi to give a return gift to Lingyi, but Shiyi misunderstands his eye signals and gives him money for the delivery instead. Zhao Ying reports back to Lingyi. Lingyi is disappointed by Shiyi’s lack of response. Fu Linbo subtly teases Lingyi, so Lingyi sends him to patrol the city at night.

We get a snapshot of Erniang’s situation. Wang Yu got drunk and beat her. His mother only lamented that he went for Erniang’s pretty face too. She gives Erniang some jewelry from her dowry and tells Erniang to be more submissive and obedient to Wang Yu and to bear some children, then her days will be better. After she leaves, Erniang swepts the jewelry onto the floor and blames Shiyi for her current predicament.

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Shiyi goes to talk to her sister-in-law for Wuniang’s sake. [I think she is the widow to Lingyi’s first brother, but I’m not sure as this is the first time she appears in the show, as far as I remember.] They discuss and agree to give Wuniang fifty tael of silver each as a gift instead of investing as business partners.

Lingyi is going out for a period of time because a flood has displaced a lot of people. Amber suggests Shiyi make a new pair of shoes for him for the journey and also as thanks for the fan he gave her. Lingyi is thrilled to receive the shoes, but tries to act cool about it. He chided Shiyi for not using the fan he gave her, but then he also doesn’t wear the shoes she made for fear of dirtying them.

Lingyi is planning to open a soup kitchen for the displaced refugees, and Madame Xu puts Lianfang in charge of it.

Concubine Wen is put in a tight spot because after Lianfang took over managing the Xu family affairs, she switched from using the Wen family’s fabrics to the Zhang family’s. This means the Wen family is losing a lot of money. Concubine Wen tries to suck up to Lianfang, but Lianfang disses her instead, so now Lianfang is firmly on Concubine Wen’s blacklist.

Madame Xu and Xiang Yizhen go to Ci’an Temple to pray for the refugees, leaving only the main wife and the concubines in the manor…

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