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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 15

Episode 15 – Recap

Mrs. Zhang (Lianfang’s nanny) is embezzling money by substituting the good rice for the soup kitchen with moldy rice. She is using vinegar to wash away the moldy smell of the bad rice, but this doesn’t remove the toxicity of the rice. Concubine Wen finds out about this and tips Shiyi off through a circumspect way.

When Mrs. Zhang realizes that she’s been found out, she comes clean to Lianfang, who tries to cover up for her nanny.

Shiyi storms the soup kitchen and finds the moldy rice. She berates Lianfang and then takes over command of the situation. They rush to gather good rice for the soup kitchen, but someone behind the scenes is buying up all the rice. Shiyi takes all the land deeds from her dowry and goes to Master Jian for help. She is willing to trade the deeds for rice. Master Jian agrees to help her find people willing to trade rice for her land deeds.

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At this time Lin Shixian returns to the capital and ends up helping Amber, who was trying to purchase rice within the capital. A store owner is refusing to sell Amber rice. Lin Shixian’s servant shows the store owner a token with the surname “Ou” on it [implying that he is of the Ou family]. The store owner then agrees to sell the rice at market price to Amber. [I see a new ship. ♡ New ship as in I ship them, but Lin Shixian is clearly going to be besotted with Shiyi first. I hope they get together in the end though. They’re both nice people and deserve to be happy together.]

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