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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 18

Episode 18 – Recap

Master Jian asks Shiyi to help teach the women refugees how to embroider. Shiyi agrees. Amber is afraid that Madame Xu won’t like Shiyi showing her face in public like this. But Master Jian is asking because she doesn’t want Shiyi to forget her love for embroidering. So Dongqing and Amber dress Shiyi up as an unmarried lady whenever she goes to the Xianling Pavilion to teach embroidery.

Shiyi reunites with Lin Shixian at the Xianling Pavilion. Turns out he invested in Xianling Pavilion and is considered its owner.

That night, Lingyi calls Shiyi to his room, and there is a bedraggled child sleeping in his bed. He doesn’t explain anything and tells her to find some trustworthy servants to take care of him, so she puts forth Dongqing and Amber’s names. 

Despite trying to keep things under wraps, news of the child spreads. Everyone thinks it’s Lingyi’s illegitimate son. 

Luo Zhenxing comes to visit Shiyi and advises her on how to best handle the child’s situation so that it would be the most beneficial to her. He suggests giving the child to Concubine Qin, because he heard from Yuanniang that she’s nice and easy going. He tells Shiyi not to adopt the child under her name no matter what, because then the child would become a legitimate son of the main wife, and he would be above any biological child she later has because he is older. He thinks Shiyi should agree to taking the child into the Xu family because Lingyi has already decided on such, and if Shiyi disagrees it would harm the harmonious feelings between husband and wife. [Gosh, someone give this man a Brother of the Year Award. He rushed to counsel her as soon as he found out, because he’s afraid that she might not know how to handle such a situation, and he also considered all angles, even the benefit of the child.]

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Shiyi guesses from the start that the child is not Lingyi’s bastard, but Lingkuan’s. Lingyi is surprised but pleased by her understanding of him. Lingyi then tries to explain the misunderstanding that led to Lianfang becoming his concubine. [He wants her to know that he only has her in his heart. Hehehe.]

Lingyi exposes the truth about the child to his mother and brother. Turns out the child, Fengqing, was a child that Lingkuan had from a dalliance before his marriage to Danyang, and no one was aware of this at the time. Everyone unanimously agrees to keep the truth from Danyang until she gives birth. 

Concubine Qin comes to beg Shiyi to give Fengqing to her. Shiyi says she’ll talk to Lingyi, but doesn’t promise anything.

On the other side, Lianfang is asking Madame Xu to give Fengqing to her [and she even admits that her purpose is to get Lingyi to visit her more often via the child. She admits it! But Madame Xu is just like “oh it’s been hard on you.” Excuse you people!]

After a discussion, they decide to let Fengqing interact with both Concubine Qin and Lianfang to see which one is more suitable to be his adopted mother. Shiyi originally spoke up for Concubine Qin, but after watching Fengqing interact with the adults, she feels that Xiang Yizhen would make the best adopted mother for Fengqing.

At Xianling Pavilion, Lin Shixian asks Master Jian about Shiyi’s background [to better pursue her]. Master Jian is afraid of people making trouble for Shiyi if they overhear that she’s Marquis Yongping’s wife, so she says she doesn’t know and that she’s probably from an ordinary family. [Poor guy, he’s getting his hopes up. Pretty sure he would give up graciously if he knew that she was already married.]

At night, Lingyi finds Shiyi has fallen asleep next to Fengqing and carries her to bed. She wakes up while he is tiptoeing across the room and quickly pretends to be asleep again. He notices that she’s awake, but just tucks her into bed.

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