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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 19

Episode 19 – Recap

Luo Shiyi and Xu Lingyi wake up in bed together. Lingyi notices that Shiyi is wearing a simple silver hairpin, and Shiyi tells him she lost a jade one that she had liked. [Watch, he’s going to get her a new jade hairpin.] They have a cute moment where Lingyi childishly tries to keep Shiyi from leaving the bed, and then Shiyi helps Lingyi get dressed. Lingyi has a smug and happy look on his face when Shiyi hugs him to help him put on his belt.

Yizhen and Fengqing seem to be getting along well. Both Shiyi and Lingyi want to have Yizhen raise Fengqing, but Yizhen is still not over the loss of her son and doesn’t think she’s a good choice. If Yizhen won’t take Fengqing, then Shiyi would rather raise the child herself because she doesn’t think Concubine Qin and Lianfang would be good for him. Lingyi agrees with her thoughts but insists on putting Fengqing under Concubine Tong’s name instead.

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Lingyi and Lingkuan have a falling out over the matter with Fengqing. Shiyi counsels Lingyi. The brothers talk and make up. Lingkuan goes to his father-in-law to beg forgiveness for his past transgression that resulted in Fengqing.

Lianfang goes to instigate trouble with Danyang, hoping that Danyang will have an accident at Shiyi’s place. Shiyi cushion’s Danyang’s fall with her own body and cautions Danyang against listening to outside rumors. Danyang realizes that Lianfang tried to set her up, so she goes and slaps that green tea bitch in the face. [Ha! I wanted her to slap the other cheek too.]

Danyang guesses the truth about Fengqing and tells Lingkuan to spend more time with Fengqing as his “uncle.” Lingkuan thanks her and assures her that she and their son are the most important to him.

Lin Shixian visits Shiyi at Xianling Pavilion and gives expensive hand cream out to everyone as a guise for giving Shiyi a present. Shiyi thinks he’s a nice guy and wants to repay him for his help with the rice someday. 

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