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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 20

Episode 20 – Recap

Yizhen has thought things through and asks to adopt Fengqing. Fengqing enters the Xu family as Xu Ling’an and Yizhen’s adopted son, and is given the name Sijie. Concubine Qin is disappointed. Lianfang says a few words to put a wedge between Concubine Qin and Shiyi.

Lingkuan comes to thank Shiyi for what she did for the brothers and his wife. Shiyi gets him to help her investigate her mother’s death by subtly questioning the servants that were present that day.

Madame Luo falls ill, so Shiyi visits home. Madame Luo praises Shiyi for how she handled Fengqing’s (a.k.a. Sijie) adoption, because it is the most beneficial outcome for Xu Zhun. Through Amber, Madame Luo knows that Lingyi and Shiyi have not consummated their marriage yet, so she tells Shiyi to push her maids towards Lingyi and see which one he’ll take as a new concubine. 

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Dongqing is angry at Amber for telling Madame Luo information about Shiyi. Shiyi points out that Amber didn’t tell Madame Luo that they’re investigating her mother’s death. Shiyi guesses that Madame Luo is holding something over Amber’s head to make her obedient, but Amber doesn’t tell her what because she believes that Shiyi cannot help her with this matter. 

We find out in a brief flashback scene that Amber has a missing older sister, and that she’s serving Madame Luo in order to find her older sister.

Lingyi gives Shiyi a jade hairpin that is very similar to one she lost. [Called it.] He had secretly talked to Dongqing to find out what it looked like. Their attention is drawn away by Xu Zhun crying. He is crying because his wooden sword broke. Shiyi gets Lingyi to make him a new one. Then she suggests that Lingyi spend more time with Xu Zhun.

Danyang is talking with Madame Xu. When Lianfang comes into the room, Danyang throws shade at her while complimenting Shiyi. Lingkuan, Xu Zhun, and Lingyi eventually join them. Danyang points out how Lingyi has changed (for the better) since Shiyi joined the household.

Lingyi realizes that he is catching feelings and this makes him awkward around Shiyi. He thinks he should kill his feelings in order to be a strong pillar for the Xu family. Fu Linbo tells him he is human and thus subjected to emotions just like everyone else.

Lingyi coincidentally finds out that Shiyi is secretly teaching the women refugees how to embroider at Xianling Pavilion. He is upset at first and wants to drag her away, but after talking to Fu Linbo and one of Shiyi’s students, he changes his mind. He tells Fu Linbo to station some people outside of Xianling Pavilion to surreptitiously protect Shiyi.

Lianfang is trying to instigate shit again by talking bad about Shiyi in front of Madame Xu. Lingyi overhears and defends Shiyi.

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