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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 23

Episode 23 – Recap

Shiyi sneaks into the Ou manor with Master Jian’s help to investigate her mother’s death. Lin Shixian happens to see her and helps her out. He reveals his identity as Ou Yanxing. She confides in him about her mother’s death and her suspicions. The little monk was nomadic and is finally back at Ci’an Temple now. He tells Shiyi that he also heard a man’s voice on the day of the murder. 

Erniang sends her maid away to get married in order to save her from Wu Hang’s perverted clutches.

Shiyi and her maids set up a trap to see if Lianfang is responsible for her mother’s death only to find out that Lianfang is most likely involved with Yuanniang’s death instead. Shiyi starts investigating Yuanniang’s death too, because letting Lianfang run free would become dangerous for her and Xu Zhun in the future.

Xu Zhun has a nightmare and comes crying to Shiyi and Lingyi, which gives Lingyi the excuse to jump into bed with Shiyi and the three cuddle to sleep.

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