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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 24

Episode 24 – Recap

Ou Lixing and his wife befriends Wu Hang and Erniang with ulterior motives.

Shiyi pretends to be pregnant in order to expose Lianfang, but Lianfang eventually finds out and is now plotting against Shiyi with her mother. Lingyi hears about the supposed pregnancy and offers to make the lie into a truth with Shiyi. Madame Luo hears about Shiyi’s “pregnancy” and faints from worry for Xu Zhun. 

Xu Lingkuan finds out that the Ou family and Wang family are getting close. He finds this suspicious and reports the news to Lingyi.

Lianfang’s mother sends a maid into Xianling Pavilion to cause trouble. The maid pretends to be a refugee and is trying to stir up unrest amongst the other refugees learning embroidery there by saying they’re being used as cheap labor.

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