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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 25

Episode 25 – Recap

Shiyi suggests that Lingyi reward Xu Lingkuan for his help with an opera script.

Lingyi follows up on the information that his brother gave him and figures out the Ou family’s ploy. He goes to stop Wang Yu from causing trouble and also warns Wang Yu to stop hitting his wife.

Shiyi goes to Xianling Pavilion to stop the unrest caused by Madame Qiao (Lianfang’s mother). Lianfang brings Madame Xu there to witness the scene and discredit Shiyi. Everything seems to be happening according to Lianfang’s counterattack. Shiyi is sent back to the Luo family to await a divorce letter from Lingyi. 

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Luo Zhenxing once again shows what a supportive brother he is. He speaks up for Shiyi in front of Madame Luo. Then he goes to check on Shiyi and she asks him for help.

When Lingyi comes back, Zhao Ying reports what happened to him, and he quickly rushes to see Shiyi without even dismounting his horse. There are servants in the Luo family bribed by the Qiao family, and they overheard an argument between Shiyi and Lingyi.

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