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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 26

Episode 26 – Recap

Lianfang sees Luo Zhenxing walk out of Lingyi’s study with a divorce letter for Shiyi and she is ecstatic. Both her and her mother firmly believe that she will be legitimized as the wife in the future. But Lianfang wants to cut off all loose ends by killing Mingjian (the physician’s assistant that she had bribed to mess with Yuanniang’s medicine). 

She hears word of Shiyi going to a suburb villa of the Luo family’s and believes that Mingjian has been caught and is kept there, so she goes to kill him, but falls into Shiyi’s counter-counterattack. Lianfang ends up confessing while gloating. Lingyi jumps out to save Shiyi.

Back at the Xu manor, all of Lianfang’s crimes get exposed and she is punished according to the family rules: flogged 30 times and then sent to the village to be a nun, never to return to the capital again.

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Lianfang tries to appeal to Lingyi one last time, but fails. She finally learns to be at peace with the outcome and even comforts her mother.

Madame Luo learns that Yuanniang was murdered and suffers a stroke.

Madame Xu gives Shiyi an indirect apology by gifting her something valuable from her own dowry. She wants Shiyi to stop teaching the refugees how to embroider because it’s not proper for her to be outside like that, but Lingyi speaks up for her. Shiyi asks Lingyi for money to compensate Master Jian. He gives it willingly and says he’ll support her in everything.

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