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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 27

Episode 27 – Recap

Lin Shixian (a.k.a. Ou Yanxing) finds out that Shiyi is married to Lingyi and then witnesses them kissing at the Qixi festival. He is in shock. Amber sees him and goes to give him a few words of comfort. He still intends to help Shiyi investigate her mother’s death, because of his promise, and then he intends to cut off ties with her after.

At the festival, Shiyi and Lingyi enjoy themselves. They win a pair of lanterns together that are being advertised towards lovers. Then they kiss. A kid knocks into Shiyi and one of the lanterns burns. Shiyi is saddened by the lost, but still ends the day happy and with hopes of living a happy life with Lingyi after she resolves her mother’s murder.

Dongqing and Fu Linbo have a little moment the next day when Dongqing is giving out Qixi snacks to the other maids. They start with teasing and then end up arguing like always.

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Lin Shixian locates the original coroner for Shiyi’s mother and they find out that she was killed by an arrow and not actually a blade. Shiyi goes to the scene of the crime again and they bump into a hunter who tells them that he saw the leader of a troop of men shoot a woman being held hostage in that area. He was too far away to confirm details, but the evidence is starting to point to Lingyi.

Lingyi personally makes a duplicate of the burned lantern for Shiyi, but she can’t enjoy it with her heart full of doubt.

Shiyi refuses to believe that Lingyi killed her mother, so she gets him drunk to ask him about her mother’s death. He only got out the sentence that he was at fault and then faints, so Shiyi misunderstands him.

Lingyi volunteers to go to Shandong to investigate a disaster area that the Ou family might be involved with.

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