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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 28

Episode 28 – Recap

Concubine Qin and Wen are out shopping and decide to go to Xianling Pavilion for some new fabric, but see Lin Shixian comforting Shiyi over the revelation that Lingyi might be her mother’s murderer. Concubine Wen misunderstands. They don’t intend to tell anyone, but Concubine Wen talks about it loudly in disbelief back at the Xu manor and Lingyi overhears. So he rushes over to Xianling Pavilion and the two concubines chase after him.

He sees Shiyi together with Lin Shixian (a.k.a. Ou Yanxing) and misunderstands. He attacks Lin Shixian. Shiyi gets him to stop by threatening herself with a pair of scissors. She ends up slipping and stabbing Lingyi in the chest. The two concubines walk in on the scene and see Shiyi literally redhanded.

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Lingyi forbids anyone from revealing what happened and also stops them from reporting this incident to the authorities in order to protect Shiyi. Before he leaves for Shandong, he writes a divorce letter for Shiyi, which is meant to protect her life in case of future troubles. While still heavily injured, he goes on the road.

Ou Lixing finds out about Lingyi’s injury and sends someone to kill Lingyi in Shandong.

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