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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 29

Episode 29 – Recap

Madame Xu decides to investigate the cause of Lingyi’s injury herself and finds out that Shiyi was the one who stabbed him. Then news of Lingyi dying in a burning building reaches them. Everyone is distraught, but while Madame Xu wants to kill Shiyi, all her other in-laws defend her. 

Xu Lingkuan burns his opera scripts and vows to take care of the Xu family.

Marquis Jingyuan of the Ou family finds out about Lingyi’s death and is pleased, so he gives his son his wolf tally which can be used to command his subordinates in Shandong.

Recap by Vanilla Muse. Please read this on vmnovels (dot) com

Wang Yu has stopped hitting Erniang lately, and she is pleased, thinking that he has changed, but then she says something nasty about Lingyi’s death and the Xu family which angers Wang Yu, so he hits her and leaves. Her stomach hurts and the physician diagnoses her as pregnant, but it’s an unstable pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Shiyi is sent to the farmstead and ordered to live like a servant. The head steward bullies her and someone wants to kill her. Lin Shixian and Master Jian are both worried for Shiyi’s safety upon learning of Lingyi’s death. Lin Shixian locates her, and secretly helps her out without letting her know.

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