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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 30

Episode 30 – Recap

Shiyi talks to the chief steward and lays a trap to catch the killer, which turns out to be the second steward. But before they can find out who’s the mastermind, the second steward is murdered by an arrow. Assassins storm the villa. Lingyi and his subordinates show up to save the day.

Back at the Xu manor, Lingkuan celebrates news of Lingyi’s wellbeing with alcohol, but gets wasted. Then he wakes up next to a maid (Xiaolan). Danyang holds her anger and makes the maid a concubine instead of sending her away. She also makes her friend (Xiaodie) her personal maid.

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Lingyi makes up a story that Shiyi was actually helping him to lay a trap for the Ou family, and that’s why he got hurt. His mother doesn’t actually believe him, but also doesn’t punish Shiyi for his sake. 

Shiyi and Lingyi discuss the circumstances of her mother’s murder. Concubine Wen shows up to apologize for ratting her out to Madame Xu. Lingyi is displeased with her, but ultimately punishes her by copying the family rules a hundred times instead of sending her away.

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