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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 31

Episode 31 – Recap

Lingyi moves out of Shiyi’s room. Shiyi eventually finds out that his injury has worsened and goes to treat his wound every day.

Lin Shixian returns to the Ou manor in hopes of further investigating Madame Lu’s death. He confirms that one of the assassins that tried to kill Shiyi is his brother’s bodyguard by the scar on his hand.

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Ou Lixing’s wife helps him hatch a plan to regain his father’s trust. They provoke Wang Yu, and set it up to look like Duke Wei had him killed. 

Erniang miscarries. Ou Lixing’s wife visits the Wang manor to nudge them into seeking Lingyi for help against Duke Wei. This is for the sake of putting a wedge between Lingyi and Duke Wei, since Lingyi hopes to ally with Duke Wei.

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