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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 32

Episode 32 – Recap

Shiyi and Lingyi attend Wang Yu’s funeral. Shiyi bumps into Lin Shixian who tips her off about the peculiarity of Wang Yu’s death. Lingyi sees them talking and gets jealous. This helps to finally break the ice between him and Shiyi, as Shiyi is amused by his jealousy and reassures him.

Erniang comes to make trouble on the day that Madame Xu is hosting a gathering among the upper class ladies.

The Xu family is caught in a tight spot. Duke Wei wants to clearly draw a line between him and Lingyi to make it clear that he doesn’t need Lingyi’s “protection” since he didn’t murder anyone.

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Ou Lixing’s wife goes to instigate Erniang some more. On a rainy day, Erniang comes to the Xu manor again. Xu Lingkuan finds some people who have grievances with Wang Yu, and they come to demand compensation from Erniang. This incident finally convinces her to stop seeking trouble with Shiyi, but she still resents Shiyi for her good life and won’t accept her help. She sends her maid to go ask for help from Ou Lixing’s wife, but is ignored time and time again. Her birth mother tries to send her money through a maid, but is caught by Madame Luo’s nanny.

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