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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 33

Episode 33 – Recap

Madame Luo knows that Erniang’s mother has been purposely agitating her with bad news to worsen her illness, so she takes this opportunity to teach her a lesson. She locks her up in the woodshed until she falls ill. Madame Luo still sent money to Erniang, but the money was intercepted so Erniang never got it.

Lingyi sets up a plan to lure out Wang Yu’s real killer. They catch Zhou Xian, but he insists that it’s a personal grudge against Wang Yu to protect Ou Lixing’s wife. Now everyone knows that Zhou Xian is the real killer, so the suspicions on Duke Wei are gone.

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Erniang finds out that Ou Lixing’s wife has been using her all along, so she asks her older brother for help and makes a scene in front of the Ou manor. Even though they can’t prove anything, this successfully causes trouble for them. And Duke Wei finally decides to support Lingyi on lifting the sea ban.

Shiyi tries to do things for Lingyi to make him happy, but he is uncertain of her true intentions and can’t accept her goodwill wholeheartedly.

On her way to celebrate Master Jian’s birthday, Shiyi bumps into Madame Xu at the front door. Madame Xu acknowledges Shiyi’s efforts and then hints that Shiyi should give up on Xianling Pavilion because of her image as the Xu family’s matron. Shiyi plans to withdraw from Xianling Pavilion for the sake of the Xu family, but Lin Shixian intends to withdraw from Xianling Pavilion for her sake.

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