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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 35

Episode 35 – Recap

Despite being cut off from her family funds, Concubine Wen spends money to prepare a feast, but during her birthday dinner, Lingyi’s mind is preoccupied with thoughts of Shiyi. Eventually he leaves without eating much to go to Shiyi. Concubine Wen is mad when she finds out and vows to get back at Shiyi. 

Lingyi finds Shiyi in the gardens and carries her back to her room. Shiyi stops him from leaving and tells him her feelings. They finally kiss and make up, and do the deed. 

When Shiyi goes to visit Danyang the next day, she sees Concubine Lan and Xiaodie quarrelling, and surmises that this is Danyang’s intent, so she gives Danyang a few words of advice, which Danyang ignores. Danyang’s relationship with Xu Lingkuan is still sour, although she tries to pretend that everything is all right.

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Wuniang and her husband’s dried fruits business went bust and they closed shop. Shiyi consults Lingyi and he comes up with a plan to help that doesn’t involve directly giving them money to help them save face. Turns out the land in Wuniang’s dowry is good for growing melons.

Xiaodie pushes Concubine Lan into the pond and almost kills her. Danyang is so shocked by this that she goes into a difficult labor. Thanks to Shiyi’s intervention, everything turns out okay. Concubine Lan confesses that she tricked everyone into thinking that Xu Lingkuan and she had slept together. Danyang and Xu Lingkuan make up. Danyang tells Shiyi to call her by name and says that they are now friends.

Erniang is in trouble and very ill, but she refuses help from the Luo family. So Shiyi goes and purposely makes Erniang angry to get her fighting spirit up. Amber also chimes in to support Shiyi.

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