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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 36

Episode 36 – Recap

On the road back to the Xu manor, Shiyi and Amber come across Lin Shixian, who helps her think of a way to treat Erniang’s illness. At night, Shiyi runs the idea through with Lingyi, who agrees with it. Shiyi then summons Jinlian (Erniang’s dowry maid) to carry out the plan. Erniang gets better and takes back control of the Wang manor.

Lingyi decides to send Xu Yu away to advance his studies, and also to prevent others from using him. But Concubine Wen thinks it’s Shiyi pulling the strings out of jealousy.

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Dongqing and Fu Linbo have another cute interaction together, but due to misunderstandings, Amber suspects Dongqing of crushing on Lingyi and is concerned.

Xianling Pavilion has a chance to make embroideries for the emperor’s birthday. Master Jian asks Lin Shixian to draw the embroidery draft because of his calligraphy skills. Shiyi takes the draft home and Lingyi gets jealous when he sees it. Shiyi sees right through him and asks him to teach her archery to hammer home the message that “everyone has their own unique talents,” and therefore he has nothing to be jealous about.

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