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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 37

Episode 37 – Recap

Shiyi finishes the longevity embroidery piece meant for the emperor’s birthday, but Concubine Wen burns it and the two kids get caught up in the mess. At that moment, an imperial edict arrives, telling Shiyi to present her embroidery work to the emperor. This is the Ou family’s plan to implicate the Xu family by charging them with fraud against the throne. Luckily, Shiyi and Lingyi had planned for this eventuality and they came out unscathed. The emperor expresses his thoughts on the matter by flogging Ou Lixing as a warning to the Ou family, but neither Marquis Jingyuan nor Ou Lixing wants to heed that warning. When Lin Shixian speaks up about it to his father, Marquis Jingyuan has him whipped instead and tells him he must choose a side in this old feud between the Ou and Xu family.

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Madame Xu sends Concubine Wen away to the farm when she finds out. She compliments Shiyi for her contributions and again presses her to quit Xianling Pavilion. Lingyi speaks up in her defense.

When Concubine Wen burned the embroidery piece, Dongqing had tried to save it and ended up getting burned on her hand. Fu Linbo tells Dongqing that if she’s afraid she won’t be able to get married due to scarring, then he will marry her.

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