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This Alpha’s Pheromones 100

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Chapter 100 – Gender Announcement

Ji Shenxiao did not answer, and Geng Leyue did not continue to ask. He just muttered to himself: “I also don’t know why I like you so much. Maybe it’s because I played with you often when we were children, and I want to continue to be with you even after we differentiated.”

Geng Leyue and Ji Shenxiao were childhood friends. Geng Leyue was five years younger than Ji Shenxiao and three years older than Ji Qisheng. When they were young, Ji Qisheng was a really noisy kid. It was annoying to the extreme. Like a firecracker, he would ram him into a dirty puddle, but Ji Shenxiao would help him up when he fell.

Geng Leyue has a good family background and good looks. Many of his peers wanted to play with him. But Geng Leyue felt that those people were all naive, only Ji Shenxiao, who was like a towering beacon, a polite gentleman, and an unattainable ideal, was so reliable.

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Later, it seemed like chasing after Ji Shenxiao’s shadow had became a habit of his. Geng Leyue worked hard to practice the piano, went further and further on the road of music, won various awards, entered the entertainment industry, and signed under the banner of Huayi Media. All of it seemed to be a bid just to get a little closer to Ji Shenxiao.

Geng Leyue was a prideful person. He thought that the reason that Ji Shenxiao did not like him was because he was not enlightened yet. After all, Ji Shenxiao has never liked anyone else before.

So he tried every means possible to stay by Ji Shenxiao’s side. That was until today…

Geng Leyue raised his head, ready to give it his all for this one last shot.

He asked Ji Shenxiao: “You gave Qiu Jin a temporary mark. Was it really because you had no other choice, or was it because you wanted to do it too?”

On the surface, Ji Shenxiao said that there was no other alternative, Qiu Jin needed him, but if Ji Shenxiao wasn’t willing, who could possibly force him to do anything?

Ji Shenxiao’s expression changed slightly.

Having eavesdropped up to this point, Qiu Jin also became nervous, and he subconsciously breathed lighter.

Then he saw Ji Shenxiao open his mouth.

At night, the small garden was never completely quiet. There was the sound of ocean waves, chirping crickets, blowing wind, and susurrus of leaves.

Qiu Jin tried his best to listen in, but unexpectedly a gust of sea breeze blew in and rustled up the leaves. Qiu Jin could only see Ji Shenxiao open his mouth once, but he couldn’t hear a single word.

After Ji Shenxiao finished speaking, Geng Leyue’s eyes were instantly filled with disappointment. At this moment, all his past persistence became a joke.

But even so, he still maintained his pride.

Geng Leyue raised his head and said one word at a time, “Remember this. It is I who decided not to like you anymore.”

Ji Shenxiao replied “en” with an insipid expression, and then said, “You will meet someone who is more suitable for you.”

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Geng Leyue expected to see disappointment in the other person’s eyes, even if it was only a little bit, but Ji Shenxiao’s expression remained as calm and steady and usual, which completely dashed the last of his hopes. Unable to stay any longer, Geng Leyue turned and ran into the house.

Qiu Jin breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he could finally leave. However, as soon as he took a step, he found that Ji Shenxiao was still standing in the garden.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Their eyes met. Even the air seemed to solidify for a moment.

Qiu Jin turned his head away at the speed of light. He was thinking up all sorts of reasons in his head. He thought that Ji Shenxiao was going to mock him or question him. But to his surprise, Ji Shenxiao didn’t say anything, just ignored him and walked in.

The next day Qiu Jin got up and found that two people were missing from the group. Shan Wen told him that Geng Leyue had new work to do and left with Ji Qisheng.

Qiu Jin recalled the scene from last night. His mouth flapped open, but he said nothing.

In the original novel, Geng Leyue was also a vicious supporting role, and like Qiu Jin, he did not get a good ending.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

In the original novel, during the filming of “Four Seasons Food,” Geng Leyue had locked Xiang Xi up with Qiu Jin. At that time, Xiang Xi was in heat. Geng Leyue had hoped that this would get rid of the threat of Xiang Xi.

Afterwards, he forced into Ji Shenxiao’s room with a heavy coat of pheromones, intending to force Ji Shenxiao to mark him.

The originally proud little prince of music became a brain-dead villain who served as a stepping-stone in the protagonist’s journey towards love.

But now, none of that has happened.

Looking at the seat vacated by Geng Leyue, Qiu Jin gradually realized that something was changing.

Perhaps, this time it was a turn for the better.

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