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This Alpha’s Pheromones 101

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Chapter 101 – Ji Shenxiao is Bigger (33.1)

Two days later, the filming of “Four Seasons Food: Summer Edition” officially ended.

Filming for “The Rise and Fall of the World” started in August, so Qiu Jin has a one-month break in between jobs.

On the surface, it was a one-month break, but in actuality there was very little time for real rest. He was still submerged in various jobs, such as participating in script readings, shooting commercials, and appearing on variety shows…

The total filming time for “Four Seasons Food” was two weeks, which was edited into a total of six episodes, and each episode was an hour long. After the show finished airing, Qiu Jin returned to having one million followers.

What Qiu Jin didn’t expect was that Tan Yunting, who seemed a bit aloof during filming, took the initiative to post on Weibo the day the show was aired. It was a post that praised him.

Tan Yunting V: “Because of some well-known reasons, at first, when I learned that Qiu Jin was going to be participating in “Four Seasons Food” I was against it. Then later, I found that this child works nimbly and cooks deliciously. I even found his face to be more and more handsome by the day. The bet that I had made with Shan Wen, I will admit defeat!”

[T/N: Tan Yunting has a V after her name. Refer back to chapter 67. 大V (Big V) refers to Weibo users who have obtained personal authentication on Weibo platforms such as Sina, Tencent, and NetEase and have many fans. Because authenticated Weibo users will have an icon similar to the capital English letter “V” after their Weibo nickname, netizens refer to such Weibo users who have been personally authenticated and have many fans as “Big V”]

Tan Yunting was one of the previous four huadan*. Although she gradually retired from that line of work after she started filming on “Four Seasons Food,” she still has many diehard fans. Since their idol has spoken out, her fans followed her praise and went to Qiu Jin’s Weibo. Thus, he gained another wave of fans.

[*T/N: 花旦 hua dan – role of vivacious young female in Chinese opera]

Seeing the word bet, netizens immediately remembered the small bet made by Tan Yunting and Shan Wen in the first episode: if Qiu Jin performed well, after the show was done filming, Tan Yunting would praise him on Weibo. If he were a bad egg, then Shan Wen would hate on him with her.

From the looks of it, it seemed like human beings could never escape from the truth.

Many marketing accounts directly forwarded the headline [of the Weibo post]:

Tan Yunting: At first, when I learned that Qiu Jin was going to be participating in “Four Seasons Food” I was against it.

Tan Yunting: I refuse to accept Qiu Jin on “Four Seasons Food.”

People eagerly clicked in to see her ripping Qiu Jin a new one, but came out with a confused look. This was simply a fraudulent title!

But who was this person called Qiu Jin? Tan Yunting has always been a reserved person, and she did not post much on Weibo, but this time she posted on Weibo to praise a person this much. Some people were curious and looked him up. And like this he gained another wave of fans.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

One day, while Qiu Jin was reading the script, Yang Chi called him to remind him: “You have gained so many followers, so don’t keep your Weibo empty. Give some benefits to those who like you. It’s best if you post a selfie or something like that.”

Qiu Jin’s photography skills were the epitome of an ultimate straight man*. In his original world, his fans constantly ridiculed him for that, but at that time he was already a Film Emperor, and he was famous enough, so he didn’t need to maintain his image at all times. Besides, his fans would be laughing at him while saving his pictures.

[*T/N: 直男 zhi nan – “straight man,” can be used in the literal sense for a man’s sexual orientation, but nowadays it mostly refers to a man who is too rational and inflexible, and don’t know how to read a woman’s mind, or in other words, it’s the stereotype of a clueless man.]

But right now he was still on the rise, so obviously it was not suitable for him to take a bad selfie that showcased his nostrils or something.

Qiu Jin thought for a while and then he sent a Weibo: “Thank you for your likes everyone. I have prepared a small benefit for you. When the fan count exceeds five million, I will post a picture of me in drag.”

After he cleared away the false numbers, his fan count decreased to two million. Now because of the variety shows he filmed, the number of fans has increased to more than three million. Although five million was not too much for a star, Qiu Jin did a lot of bad things before and his reputation was spotted, so five million was also a small hurdle for him.

As soon as he sent out this Weibo, it became popular after people forwarded it, and it was even popularized by the people who liked gossipy things.

Before, people didn’t want to follow him, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t want to see him make a fool of himself. If following him would let them see him in drag, then they might as well follow him. If anything, they could always unfollow him in the future.

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