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This Alpha’s Pheromones 102

As selected by VIP Choice, this chapter is dedicated to Cheryl Lukban! Enjoy! ^-^

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Chapter 102 – Ji Shenxiao is Bigger

In just one night, Qiu Jin’s fans increased by hundreds of thousands.

– 666666, this is the first time I have seen a star so open [about dressing in drag]. –

– So skillful, you must be a LV6 member of Xiaopo Station*, right? –

[*T/N: A reader pointed out that xiaopo station (小破站) might be a nickname for acfun, which is a video sharing site with it’s name coming from “anime, comics, and fun.” Thank you for the info, lcxi!]

– Gege wants to dress in drag? Ahhhhhh. I want to see it! –

– It’s still a familiar recipe, a familiar taste. –

– Hahahaha, I told you guys that Dog Qiu wouldn’t be able to help himself. –

– Hyping again? They really will do anything to get attention. So low, ugh. –

Manager: “???”

Yang Chi was going crazy. He called Qiu Jin again: “My ancestory, ah. I only asked you to post a picture, why did you promise to dress in drag?”

Qiu Jin replied: “Don’t worry, I know what I am doing.”

Yang Chi was annoyed and blurted out: “You think you know what you’re doing?! You better not be trying to repeat old business again!”

Qiu Jin paused for second and then asked, “What do you mean repeat old business?”

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Yang Chi sent him two photos. It showed Qiu Jin stripping until he was only in his shorts.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Ugh. It stings to look at this these photos.

Although he wasn’t the one to do those things, there was still an unavoidable sense of shame. He retracted his gaze and reassured Yang Chi: “Don’t worry. I said cross-dressing. I won’t be repeating this old business.”

Yang Chi seemed like he still wanted to say more. Qiu Jin directly hung up on him.

Then he refreshed the Weibo data again. What he didn’t expect was that in addition to marketing accounts and netizens retweeting, there were also a lot of people in the entertainment circle that retweeted his Weibo.

Xiang Xi didn’t know if he was watching the fun or here to ridicule Qiu Jin, but with a slip of the hand he ended up giving Qiu Jin a like.

Ji Qisheng directly forwarded the Weibo post and commented: Bro, I believe in you.

Even Tan Yunting came to join in the fun: I can lend you my skirt.


With this unfulfilled promise of cross-dressing dangling above everyone, Qiu Jin’s name directly swept through the entire entertainment circle.

On the other side, after Wen Mojia’s failed audition for the role of Ji He in “The Rise and Fall of the World,” he received a role for a novel to drama adaptation. It was a modern-day, suspense, and mystery story line. It could just barely be considered breaking out of his tyrant CEO typecast.

They were going to announce character candidates today. Wen Mojia bought up a hot search*. He also teamed up with marketing accounts and book fans to disseminate content. There were stuff like popular quotes from the novel, and stuff like how well Wen Mojia’s appearance matched the male lead’s appearance.

[*T/N: hot search = popular search query on the Internet]

The momentum was quite good.

They also had to time when it would be best to go up on hot search. They must not run into top streamers or bigwigs and end up fighting them for publicity. And they definitely must not clash with celebrities announcing their romantic love. There were only a few spots in the hot search, and people’s attention was limited. If you chose the wrong day, it would all become cannon fodder to the bigger news.

After all, if a celebrity announced their love affair, who could bother to remember other stuff that happened on the same day?

After careful selection, Wen Mojia chose the perfect day. There weren’t that many major events going on in the entertainment industry today. He climbed to number four on the list without spending a lot of money, and he was quite satisfied.

But when he checked again at night, he found that #qiujin_in_woman’s_clothing had suddenly sprung up like a rocket and took the spot in front of him.

He had twenty million followers on Weibo, but was suppressed by a Qiu Jin who had less than five million?

Qiu Jin was like his arch nemesis. No matter what it was they always end up clashing against each other.

His manager comforted him: “He’s just trying to draw attention onto himself. He’s purposely trying to nauseate you. Don’t bother with him. If you streaked around naked, then you would climb to number one. But would you be willing?”

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Of course Wen Mojia understood this line of reasoning, but he still couldn’t suppress his anger. Qiu Jin already stole his role of Ji He, but now he had to crush him on the hot search too? Did Qiu Jin think that Wen Mojia was easy to bully or something?

Seeing the increasing comments on Qiu Jin’s Weibo, Wen Mojia gritted his teeth and made a decision.

“Is Qiu Jin going on the variety show hosted by Xiaoding-jie this week?”

[T/N: Pretty sure Xiaoding 小叮 is a nickname. And the suffix –jie means “older sister.” Here it’s most likely used as a sign of respect within the entertainment industry, and not for biological reasons.]

“I heard about it.” The manager nodded. “What do you want to do?”

Wen Mojia curled the corners of his lips: “Ask her for a little favor.”

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  2. In case anyone else is wondering I think xiaopo station (小破站) is a nickname for acfun (a video sharing site with it’s name coming from “anime, comics, and fun”).

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