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This Alpha’s Pheromones 103

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Chapter 103 – Ji Shenxiao is Bigger

“All-Star Challenge” was a variety show that focused on challenging and punishing celebrities. They had challenges such as making celebrities walk on acupressure boards, pouring water over their heads, etc. The more miserable the celebrities were, the happier the filming crew would be, and the higher the ratings would be.

But it didn’t mean that this was a garbage show that mainly abused celebrities. The key point was to challenge and punish. Winners receive acclaim, while losers were punished. This show had a lot of traffic and a lot of big shots have participated in it before. The ratings have always been high and steady.

On the day of the show recording, Qiu Jin took the challenges very seriously. He lost some and won some, but his score was always in the forefront. He even helped an omega who could not complete one of the challenges.

In the last game, his group lost and the punishment was being showered with water balloons. A huge water balloon smashed down and Qiu Jin’s sportswear was soaked through and through. The fabric stuck to his skin tightly and outlined a lean and graceful figure.

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At this moment, the host Xiaoding suddenly glanced at his crotch. At first glance, it was like she hadn’t noticed anything and her gaze naturally moved on. But after pausing for a second, she turned back around. Her movement was a bit excessive. Her eyes latched on to Qiu Jin’s crotch, and her entire person was fixed there.

“What are you looking at?” another host asked. The other host traced Xiaoding’s line of sight and suddenly let out an exaggerated “wow.”

The cameraman immediately caught on and gave Qiu Jin’s crotch a close-up.

The on-site audience noticed the host’s line of sight. When they followed it and found the object of focus they burst into exclamations and then laughter.

Qiu Jin took a step back. On the inside, he felt a little uncomfortable, but on the outside he still maintained an embarrassed yet polite smile. He folded his hands in front of his crotch, intending to block it from the eyes that were staring at him from all directions.

But Xiaoding did not intend to let him go, and said, “I suddenly remembered something.”

Another host picked up the dialogue: “What is it?”

“Look at our Qiu Jin’s good figure. Perhaps you remember that he used to be the sexiest alpha in the entertainment industry?”

The other host nodded, “Yes, I remember.”

Xiaoding then said, “But you may not know that Qiu Jin also used to be the biggest dong in the entertainment industry.”

[T/N: dong – slang for penis]

“Huh? Is that true or false?”

As soon as these words were said, everyone’s eyes focused on Qiu Jin. In particular, they were looking at his lower body.

Maybe they were curious or maybe they were hoping for a good show, but such blatant looks felt like thorns on his body.

Qiu Jin’s expression instantly turned cold.

Unfortunately the host seemed to be blind and even leaned over to ask him: “Is this true, Qiu Jin?”

After speaking, he even passed over a microphone. Qiu Jin had to give up his posture of covering his crotch in order to take the microphone.

The cameraman took this opportunity to get another close-up of that place again.

Because of the intense exercise just now and the stimulation of the cold water, there was indeed a large bulge at his crotch. It looked bigger than ordinary people.

Facing the curious eyes of everyone, Qiu Jin suddenly smiled and reached out to take the microphone.

“Of course it’s not true, how can I be considered big?” Speaking up to here, he stopped and put on a mysterious air for a while. After he had whetted everyone’s appetite, he abruptly switched the topic and shifted the calamity elsewhere, “That’s because you haven’t seen President Ji’s.”

“President Ji?” Xiaoding was unable to catch on so abruptly.

Qiu Jin smiled slightly: “Ji Shenxiao.”

Ji Shenxiao has always been reserved and ascetic. It was a pity that variety shows were banned from touching him.

It was on the day when they were surfing at the beach. Qiu Jin was lying on Ji Shenxiao’s surfboard to borrow some equipment and accidentally saw that special place of Ji Shenxiao’s.

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The cameraman was also very good on the uptake. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, when recording this scene, the camera just so happened to capture Ji Shenxiao’s big dong. It hung there softly, but the shape and outline seemed to be clearly visible.

That became the photo that Ji Shenxiao wanted to destroy the most.

The on-site audience understood this meme very well, and immediately burst into laughter.

The hosts looked at each other in dismay. Cold sweat broke out on their backs, and they couldn’t laugh anymore.

As for Xiaoding, her entire face turned white. She actually ridiculed the big boss of the group in the middle of the show?

Could she still keep her job?!!

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  1. To film someone crotch when the other person is unwilling is a s*xual harrasment… The hosts and cameramen seriously deserved some punishment. Thanks for the chapters translator, Amphitrite and Cheryl (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡

  2. So cruuude and icky commenting on sizes like that… Heh heh such schoolroom humour. Anyways he deflected well.

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